Which equipment is good for building a water park of about 15 acres?

Which equipment is good for building a water park of about 15 acres?

In the most recent period often receive three or four lines of telephone inquiries case of a small water park project, now more and more of people like to go to the water park in the summer to play, so more and more investors to put eyes on this emerging industries with unlimited development prospects. 

Now let us introduce which water park equipment items are equipped with a water park of about 15 acres :

In the majority of third- and fourth-tier cities in china, the consumer awareness and consumption level are constantly improving, and new requirements have been put forward for consumption requirements to facilitate consumption, family consumption, can bring the elderly and children to consume, close consumption, and low-cost consumption. The characteristics of consumption, in order to meet the characteristics of the above third- and fourth-tier cities, the construction of small and medium-sized water parks will be a good project. 

To build small and medium-sized water parks, do not blindly pursue tallness. It depends on the local consumption situation. Which water parks to choose How about the equipment?

Wave pool equipment: The price of wind-blasting wave-making equipment is relatively low, and there are more constructions. If conditions permit, shanghai Xiaochi equipment can be used.

Children’s paddling pool: Small water house, water village and water play sketch are the mainstream style of equipment.
Water slide equipment: According to the consumption situation, generally 3-5 rainbow slides and 2 spiral combined slides can meet consumer demand.

Children’s slides and family wide slides: mainly to satisfy family consumption, parent-child consumption, enhance parent-child relationship, and family unity. There can be a small horn slide, a family combination slide, a small cupola swing combination slide, an octopus slide, and a snake slide.
Swimming pool equipment: to meet the needs of training and development, but also to cater to the concept of “healthy consumption”.

Circumfluence river equipment: Let visitors “imagine between movement and static”, create a combination of passion and tranquility, let visitors release pressure, and increase the capacity of the park at the same time.
If the above cannot meet the local consumption level, some large water slide equipment can be used.