How to build a high-quality water park?

How to build a high-quality water park?

Since the development of the water park in the last century, countless years have passed. As people’s quality of life is getting better and better, high-quality water parks are more popular with tourists. Nowadays, water parks are not just a simple stack of lanchao water park equipment . Rather, it is guided by market demand and centered on tourist experience. These two points are undoubtedly the principles of creating a high-quality water park. So how to build a high-quality water park? It can be divided into product creation, marketing and product management.

1. product creation

Build an ace project

       Create high-quality goods, seek differences, medium and large-scale project equipment, small entertainment facilities, comprehensive configuration, create a trump card project

The product configuration meets different needs and various configurations are suitable for all ages. The product configuration must not only capture the main target group of young people, but also consider the family consumer group, configure more family amusement facilities suitable for all ages, avoid equipment accumulation, and leave sufficient room for secondary development.

       In 2016, Shanghai maya water park launched the “phase 2 magic water city” project. On the basis of the original large-scale water amusement project, through diversified product configuration, the family water playing experience was further enriched, which not only satisfies the most exciting experience of young people. , and taking into account the needs of family fun, during the same period when Shanghai Disney opened in 2016, it achieved a year-on-year growth of more than 20% in operating revenue in just two months of the summer vacation.

Strengthen the theme atmosphere creation

       Strengthen the development of soft products , soft products, theme festivals, performing arts activities, combined with a wealth of amusement projects, so that visitors can fully enjoy the atmosphere of relaxation and joy.

Pay attention to supporting facilities and services

       Attach importance to the supporting facilities of products and facilities. In addition to amusement equipment, it is also important to pay attention to supporting facilities for comprehensive services such as catering, lockers, toilets, showers, and shopping stores.

Pay attention to the interaction between different products

       Pay attention to the interaction between different products, implement water and land interoperability between land parks and water parks; integrate and interact with products of different business formats such as land parks, water parks, hotels, and commercial streets to strengthen the attractiveness of the product market.

2. Marketing

Planning and making things to
       Do the activities needed by the market-tourists like, the media pays attention to chimelong tens of thousands of people bikinis, underwater kissing

       Do resonant activities-touching people’s hearts, tourist resonance music festival, water and electric music party, water gun battle, water splashing battle

         Do activities that keep pace with the times – market hotspots, take advantage of the momentum to build a Lin junjie meeting, Luhan fans wish season, wonderful talk
        Do activities with your own characteristics – branding, differentiated maya carnival, xia lang music festival

        Do activities to integrate resources-market-oriented, resource-oriented water breakthrough, auto show…

Propaganda principles: To achieve communication and docking with tourists-different creative content, different media, different channels, and different requirements; arouse resonance and impress consumers

       Accurate coverage of the market-scientific placement, accurate positioning of the population, grasp of media habits, combination of software and hardware, data support

          Leading the market with brands-big events, big brands, big markets, Shanghai maya water park landed on the bund, film and television, variety shows, cooperation, focus on new media-mobile terminals, cross-screen interaction, striving to be a hit    Strengthen the self-media-gather fans, transmit information, and connect sales

Brand building expand market makin

People demographic characteristics:
       Water park with three ages customer base as the core: one is the 3-14 year-old children, behind them are their parents, these visitors mainly playing in the water main, parents consumption The target is to accompany their children; one is the young and middle-aged, 25-34-year-old tourists born in the 80s and 90s. This age group is young and energetic, likes to try new things, is willing to challenge, and is an absolute play. Main force.
Swim -off consumer properties:
       High repeated consumption is different from other theme park water park is a major characteristic. This is closely related to the first-level core source market where the project belongs, and the short play radius makes repeated consumption possible. At the same time, water parks have a big impact on food and beverage consumption. Because playing in water consumes a lot of energy, and people need a lot of water in the hot summer, food and water are the consumer goods most needed by water park consumers.
Tourist source: 
       The water park has a two-hour drive “curse”, that is The main source of customers for general water parks comes from the regional market within a 2-hour drive around the center of the project. In summary, the water park takes the project site as the primary core market, and has the characteristic of not far from the radiation radius.
Income level of tourists:
     Knowing the income level of tourists will be closely related to the price of tickets and the commodity settings in the park.
       Population and regional differentiation (core customer source, opportunity customer source; regional competitive environment, etc…)
       Channel cooperation, interest binding (team, e-commerce rebates)

       All channels are balanced and coordinated for my use

Integration of channels:
       Travel agencies, e-commerce, hotels, enterprises, schools, major customers, cross-industry joint marketing,        integrated marketing, and market complementarity

       Solid progress and comprehensive coverage (peer promotion rate)

3.operation management

Open preparation period-clarify matters and determine nodes

Open operation period-quality service and safe operation

Open operation period-a market-oriented operation coordination management mechanism

Closed park for rectification period