The water park promotion season is here, teach you how to stand out

In recent years, the water park project has been extremely popular. The thrilling and exciting gameplay, which is not leisure and entertainment, has attracted many tourists to experience it, and has won widespread consumer praise. Therefore, many new water parks have been built, and the peak season of water parks is approaching. Many operators have also begun to prepare for the preliminary work of the promotion.

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First of all, we need to understand what some water parks are willing to attract customers to come to play.

First, the water park equipment is very playable. Many tourists like to spend their free time here with their family or friends. Leisure time, this is one of them. The second is the focus of today: publicity and planning.

Why do you want to talk about this promotion and planning work today, because in terms of consumer demand, first you have to let people know that there is a place that will produce the idea of consumption. In the same way, the publicity work of the water park is very necessary.

1. Use of outdoor billboards there are many outdoor billboards, here is a summary for everyone: shopping mall display screens, mobile advertising walls, video promos, vertical advertising spaces, etc. You can consider such forms as appropriate, and you don’t have to worry about incurring excessive expenses, because the publicity work is generally available in the peak season and has a certain cycle.

2. Distributing flyers This is a primitive propaganda method, also known as ground push, but we cannot deny the success of its effect. There are two more important points in handing out flyers: location and attractiveness of the leaflet. Among them, the distribution location of flyers should be selected in areas where the target population is relatively concentrated. second, the flyers should be made as attractive as possible, and the aesthetics will be further improved through careful design. The time can be selected on weekends, holidays, or from afternoon to evening.

3. Network propaganda The power of online propaganda cannot be ignored. People rely heavily on the Internet. The Internet is a communication platform that can speed up the dissemination and sharing of information. We can use this to promote in some social software. , Displayed on the homepage, so that the exposure will be greater.

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