How much does it cost to build a parent-child children’s water park?

Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the early education of children, and at the same time pay more and more attention to their children’s emotional problems. Most families have paid much attention to the cultivation of the family’s parent-child environment! We also see that more and more parents are willing to spend more money and more time to spend with their children! This is a trend in the market. It is also a market demand! The parent-child children’s water park came into being to seize this demand. At the same time, it caters to the children’s characteristics of playing with water and water skiing. Therefore, the market prospects are still very broad!

To develop a children’s water park project, the following elements must be considered:

  1. The choice of venue, whether to choose indoor or outdoor. It depends on the specific situation of your city, and also depends on the specific surrounding environment? Generally, we recommend choosing large shopping malls, shopping malls, supermarkets, large communities, etc. Only places with high popularity can drive future operations and save operating expenses, and the effect of publicity and advertising will be better. So the location must be selected.

  2. Do market research. Including the previous level of consumption, consumer groups, surrounding entertainment facilities, etc., the most important thing is that you have to combine the surrounding environment, urban history and culture and other factors. Probably figure out which water park equipment is more attractive to children, and what kind of amusement equipment children in your place prefer? Only in this way can you determine the total equipment price of your children’s water park? After all, children’s water parks have both large and small park equipment. Some are simple and some are slightly more complicated. For example, a small octopus slide with a diameter of 7 meters is worth the price of more than a dozen water play sketches!

  3. The size of the venue. The size of the venue determines how much water park equipment you need to put in. If you buy more equipment in a large venue, the overall equipment price is definitely higher. At the same time, the cost of decoration, maintenance, operation, etc. is also more!

  4. Division of venues. This is relatively easy to deploy, and generally there is not much division. However, many children’s water parks now have approximate age divisions in the placement of equipment. Because children aged 3-5 are relatively sensitive to colour and sound, they are in this area. It is more suitable for water park equipment with exquisite appearance, bright colours and high ornamental value. Children 6-10 years old are more active and fun. Then this area is suitable for installing some functional and interactive equipment, such as water guns, water cannons, and water slides. Larger ones will focus on science popularisation and increase knowledge! Some larger water park equipment must be placed.

So, in general, the older children are, the requirements for water park equipment are also higher, larger and more comprehensive. The price is also more expensive!

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