What kind of water park equipment do I need to purchase to build a water park?

What kind of water park equipment do I need to purchase to build a water park?

The improvement of the quality of life has brought about earth-shaking changes in people’s lives. Many people are very interested in investing in water amusement equipment. Therefore, water amusement equipment plays an irreplaceable role in today’s society. This is undoubtedly a huge business opportunity for businesses. There is a saying that the opportunity cannot be missed, and time will never come again. So since water amusement equipment is so popular, of course there will be many investors who want to join the water park industry. Here is the puzzle for everyone, what water park equipment does a water park need to buy ?

Generally speaking, water park equipment mainly includes: water slides, water play sketches, water cottages, artificial wave equipment, and circulating river equipment.

Water slides include: space basin slides, giant bowl slides, small horn slides, family small cupola slides, big horn slides, rainbow competition slides, spiral combination slides, double cupolas slides, family combination slides, barrel sledge slides, and large Loop slides, water dragon slides, U-shaped wave pendulum slides, high-speed combined slides, large-scale sky-rotating slides, etc.

Water splashing sketches include: spray chef, spray watercolor mushroom, spray snail, spray water anemone, spray water building blocks, spray sea horse, five cone inverted bucket, spray water kangaroo, spray water shell, octopus slide (octopus Slide), snake slide, pirate ship, apple house, frog slide, water spray teapot, water spray crocodile, water spray flower vine, water spray whale, water spray carp, water pencil, water spray seesaw, water spray jellyfish, water spray clowns, three water jets, rainbow circles, rain mushrooms, baby elephant slides, water guns and water cannons.

Water house and water village include: small children’s water house, medium-sized happy water house, large ocean water house, theme water house and water village.

Artificial wave making equipment includes: pneumatic wave making equipment, vacuum wave making equipment, skateboard surfing, etc.
Circumfluence river equipment includes: tidal rafting river, circulation river equipment.

For chestnuts, the park opened in august of cambodia Angkor water park, with a total area of 6,000 square meters, provided by guangzhou lanchao on paradise water park equipment co., ltd. designs and water park equipment manufacturing and installation, the project introduces built Wave pools, rainbow high-speed spiral combination slides, family small cupolas, water play sketches, family combination slides, family small horn slides, children’s water houses and other popular water park equipment products. On the opening day , the park was full of tourists, attracting many locals to come and play.