What equipment does the water park have?

What equipment does the water park have?

Water amusement parks are a relatively popular type of large and medium-sized amusement parks at this stage. They receive a large number of tourists every year, and the annual income and profits are naturally very considerable. So what kind of water park equipment does the water park have ? Let’s follow the Guangzhou Lanchao to take a look. 


Water slide

Skyrocketing round slides, super horn slides, high-speed combined slides, behemoth bowl slides, spiral combined slides, and rainbow high-speed combined slides that can play water competitions with friends.

Artificial wave equipment

There are skateboard surfing and wave-making pools. By artificially simulating the ocean wave environment, high-pressure fans are used to generate waves to form waves. It can provide 8-10 wave-making modes, and can form waves up to 1.2m high in a fan-shaped distribution.

Water house

The children’s paddling pool is mainly for children aged 3-12 , and the pool depth is designed to be 0.3 m . The pool is equipped with large and small theme water villages, pirate ship slides and various cartoon styles and various functions of playing in the water. The children’s pool is equipped with family trumpet slides, family small cupola slides, family combination slides and other fun and safe parent-child series combination slides, which are especially suitable for family participation.

Circulation River Equipment

Circulating river, lying quietly on the floating mat, slowly drifting in the water, feeling a ray of sunshine and a touch of tenderness. Follow the flow and settle down with the flow, with interesting and natural surging waves, water jets, small islands, interactive water spray cartoons and other entertainment elements. Here you can enjoy a happy time and feel calm and peaceful.