What details should be paid attention to when purchasing water amusement equipment?

What details should be paid attention to when purchasing water amusement equipment?

Some investors who want to open water parks and customers who want to buy water park equipment have always been entangled in a problem. They don’t know how to choose to buy water park equipment products. Then what details should be paid attention to when buying water amusement equipment ? Guangzhou Lanchao Water Park Equipment co., ltd. explains from the following five aspects:

1. Age level

 When choosing water park equipment, we must consider the age level of our customer group. If it is a child, you can choose a small children’s water house, some water play sketches placed in the paddling pool, frog slides, and eight claw fish slides, small horn slides and other small equipment, if you are an adult, you can choose challenging projects, such as water slides such as the sky gyrating slide, the giant swing slide, the giant beast bowl slide, or the ocean water house cottage, too Very popular. If the whole family can move out without age restriction, then you can choose wave pool equipment. While slapping the waves, there are singers performing on the stage.

2. Environmental protection material
Environmental issues is always emphasized issues to be aware of, raw materials, water park equipment is used in glass fiber reinforced plastic materials, glass fiber reinforced plastic materials using E-glass fibers, produced water slide device has a very good resistance to water and aging resistance. In the case of good water quality, the service life is generally 10 years. Once the water park equipment material is unhealthy, it is very unfavorable to the water park operation. Therefore, when choosing water amusement equipment, investors must pay attention to whether the material of the equipment is qualified and whether it has passed the safety and quality monitoring. For this, you can check the material quality monitoring certificate of the water park equipment manufacturer.

3. Quality
Comes to the quality of the material that will be talked about, some children play equipment must be over the quality, the quality mainly through the installation experience out of the general installation of good material is also good, so it is rarely out now quality problem. The installation depends on whether it is installed by a professional team or outsourced to others. Generally, a professional installation team can only carry out installation and construction after strict training. The effect of the paint must be bright and beautiful when it leaves the factory . If the workmanship is very rough, the color will definitely fade if it is exposed to the wind, sun and rain for less than half a year. If the preliminary work is not done well, the effect must be poor in the later period.

4. Playability
Playability is mainly reflected in the design of the water park. The quality of the water music design will directly affect whether the children will come to play. The high playability allows parents to take the children to play again and again. Consume thisThe advantage of this is that the sales of monthly cards and annual cards are higher, and you can quickly return to the cost and profit. For tourists, the fun and beautiful equipment and wonderful music are attracting attention.

5. Water park equipment manufacturers
Choose manufacturers to purchase. First, worry-free. Generally, manufacturers will design, produce, install, and after-sale one-stop service, which can save investors a lot of trouble. The second is to save money. Manufacturers generally provide free design and save a certain amount of design cost in the initial stage, and there will be a warranty in the later warranty period, so it is more reliable than those middlemen. Second, if a water amusement equipment manufacturers and even the means of production quality and the corresponding documentation procedures are not, can not guarantee the quality, water play equipment you buy is equivalent to a no “identity card” product, which It will be a difficulty for the country to carry out the certificate inspection of the amusement equipment industry every year . Therefore, the equipment manufacturer of guangzhou lanchao water park is here to advise you that it is best to go to the manufacturer to inspect whether there is a factory before choosing.