Buy water amusement equipment and remember the key to cross!

Buy water amusement equipment and remember the key to cross!

How to choose water amusement equipment is a very tangled problem for those who want to open water parks or customers who want to buy water park equipment. So what aspects should be paid attention to when purchasing water amusement equipment?

1. Age

   When it comes to age, we must consider the age of your customer group when choosing water park equipment, such as 1-8 years old, it’s best to choose water play equipment; 5-15 years old is best to choose features high-performance equipment, such as children’s water houses and high-speed slides, and other combination equipment and expansion equipment. This allows more targeted choices and investment.

2.Playability is mainly reflected in the design of the water park. 

The design of the water park directly affects whether it can attract children to play. High playability can attract children to spend multiple times, which is beneficial to the monthly card year. The sales of the card will be able to return to the cost and profit faster. For tourists, beautiful appearance, colorful lights and wonderful music are the first elements to attract customers. The first impression is a good impression, so that tourists can become your customers. In addition, there are certain shapes. The implication is that people will bring you good luck because of special meanings, so that they will continue to try and become your stable source of customers.

3. Environmental

    Protection and environmental protection have now become the most important part of the children’s economy. After all, the flowers of the motherland still have to be healthy and healthy. Many families now have only one child, so they are very delicate. Once the material of the park is unhealthy, it is quite detrimental to the operator. Therefore, when choosing the equipment, the operator must pay attention to whether the material of the park equipment is qualified and whether it has passed the quality and safety monitoring. This can be found in the material quality monitoring certificate of the children’s water park equipment manufacturer.

4. Quality

      When it comes to materials , quality must be mentioned. The quality of children’s things must be up to standard. Quality is mainly experienced through installation. Generally, the installation is better, and the material is also good, so there are few quality problems. . The installation depends on whether it is installed by a professional team or outsourced to others. Generally, a professional installation team can only carry out installation and construction after strict training. The paint effect must be fresh, bright and shiny when it leaves the factory. Only car special paint can achieve such a good effect. If the paint effect is dull and dull, the workmanship is very rough, and the wind and sun will be less than half a year, it will definitely fade because of the preliminary work If it is not done well, the post effect must be very poor. The decoration of the car is all in the paint part, so this part must be fine, fine and bright.

5. manufacturers

      If an amusement equipment manufacturer does not even have the production qualifications and the corresponding certificate procedures, then you must be cautious when you buy it. There is definitely no guarantee in quality and safety. To put it bluntly, the amusement equipment you buy is one without an “id card”. Products, this will be a difficult problem for the national amusement equipment industry certificate inspections carried out every year. Choose a manufacturer to buy, one is worry-free, the general manufacturer will design + production + installation + after-sales one-stop service, saving a lot of links. The second is to save money. Manufacturers generally design for free, which saves a lot of design costs in the initial stage. During the later warranty period, it will also be repaired free of charge, so it is more reliable than the middleman. So before choosing, it is best to check to see if there are factories and exhibition halls.

Other suggestions
     In fact, for children’s water amusement equipment, we must not limit our eyes to the price of the product. For the purchase of children’s water amusement equipment, we should not only pay attention to the price of the product. In fact, quality is the life of water amusement equipment, and only reliable products will bring us a steady stream of wealth. When buying children’s water amusement equipment, we must consider the psychological characteristics of everyone. Don’t just define water amusement equipment as children. In fact, adults and the elderly are also our targets, because they will consider whether water amusement equipment is beneficial to children. Be physically and mentally healthy, and then decide whether to bring the children to play. No matter what kind of children’s water amusement equipment you buy, you must check with the manufacturer. When contacting by phone, any manufacturer will describe its products very well. Especially on the website, there is no lack of the possibility of pasting pictures. Only when you have a look at the manufacturer can you really understand the product and buy the product you want.