Water park equipment and water park planning and design

Water park equipment and water park planning and design

Water park equipment and water park planning and design directly affect the operation of water parks. The quality and design of water park equipment are very important. If the theme design and water park equipment are arranged well, it can be achieved in the first two years and the third year. Basic conditions for profitability.

During the operation period, the water park is full of people. The construction period of water parks usually only takes about 6 months to a year and a half, depending on the size of the project and factors affecting climate conditions . Under normal operating conditions, the cost can be recovered in the first 1-2 years, and the profitability stage will begin in the third year. In fact, some well-run and ideal water parks start to pay back their costs and make profits in the first year. Water parks that have been in a state of not returning to their capital have a direct relationship with their investment.

The currently developed water park lacks distinctive themes and cultural creativity, and the project is replicated. Equipment piling up, with ideas and techniques to real estate development and construction planning, construction and operation of water parks, and now requires a large gap between generations waterpark, lack of quality water park equipment, but also the future 5–10 years a large number of domestic water park to be eliminated The main reason. Water park planning and design must have parent-child, interaction, excitement, competition, etc., and diversity can attract more tourists.

1. Parent-child interactive equipment. Hobbies designed unique based on children’s interests and ever-changing game content, fashionable, water park equipment construction, colorful, do not fade, strong resistance to use, with reinforced fiberglass strength and thickness of the reinforcing material, a large water park equipment strength, not fade , It is not easy to deform and has high safety.

2. Some projects with performances can increase the entertainment of the water park. For example, skateboard surfing , also known as surfing simulator, the pressurized system and nozzles passing through make the surface of the skateboard form a thin and uniform water flow, which moves quickly from bottom to top in reverse direction, and tourists slide from top to bottom, just like rushing into a big wave. At the top of the wave, visitors feel a steady stream of surfing pleasure. Especially for 13-22-year-old like to pick warfare teenagers play, skate surfing the skin is soft waterproof material, allowing visitors to enjoy the thrill of surfing more assured of.

3. Some items suitable for challenging and exciting travel enthusiasts. Take the giant swing as an example: the giant swing is an international new type of slide. The water slide is fully enclosed and uses light-transmitting glass. The designed glide height is 17 meters. Visitors will quickly slide down the approach path from the 17-meter-high platform under the action of gravity and the lubrication of water. When reaching the low point, the speed will reach about 50km/h, and then rotate rapidly under the action of inertia. It rushes towards the high point of the slide, the speed gradually slows down until the high point is 0, and then rotates down again under the action of gravity until it falls into the sink.

Among the factors affecting the profit and loss of water park projects, water park equipment accounts for less than 50%. The more important factors are project planning and design, investment planning, operation management and marketing. Investing in water parks must be based on the long-term and develop a professional operation solution to make the investment risk of water parks small.