What should be paid attention to in the design and management of water amusement facilities?

Everyone can see that the changlong water park is full every year. It can be seen that the water park is very profitable, but it is also very difficult . The key lies in the design, placement and management of various water park facilities . It is very difficult. If you just find a company to design it, it will naturally not attract many tourists to play, and there will be some safety risks. So the organizers to strictly designed pipe manage its various water rides, water park can make more smoothly opened. So what should be paid attention to in the design and management of water amusement facilities?

Many stents water rides are buried in the soil, debris must put brackets around the clean, otherwise affect the provincial inspection, the province seized in the open before the industry can not be a one-time pass, is bound to affect the opening. The steel platform and stairs are non-slip and anti-scald, and anti-slip mats need to be installed. Each water park set up equipment to be installed off the pool safety fence, to prevent falling into the pond shore visitors and tourists drowning accidents. Overflow pool four weeks off, the set timing must consider a variety of equipment off the pool, especially for large equipment in tourist drowning under the force of gravity will cause water to leak out, if it will affect the flow of tourists moving online traffic, increase slippery the probability of a tourist slipping and falling. Child safety is particularly important. It is recommended that all children’s areas be laid with colored rubber surfaces, or other effective anti-skid and anti-drop measures should be taken. Employees and visitors shading issues to take into account site. There is no effective shading on the equipment reception operating platform and the public area on the ground, which has a great impact on the later operation. The form of effective shading can extend the stay time of tourists and increase the rate of revisiting. Formulating various identification application specifications according to the actual situation of one’s own water parks and making eye-catching identification signs with installation specifications are ways to effectively improve safety management and effectively reduce safety responsibilities.

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