What are the tips for playing the blue tide water park equipment soaring swing slide?

What are the tips for playing the lanchao water park equipment soaring swing slide?

In terms of water park slide design, water park construction, water park operation, etc., there are four highly consistent areas for water park investors, managers, and visitors: First, safety is always the first priority . As a special facility, it must It can be put into operation only after obtaining the qualification certification, level-by-level acceptance, and sub-testing by the national competent authority. Secondly, the sensory stimulation must be extraordinary, able to experience fun that is not usually available in play. Then the amusement experience must be diversified and must meet the needs of people of all ages. Finally rides should be innovative, with the times forward, there should be periodic project updates and upgrades.

The lanchao Water Park equipment project ” Sky Swivel Slide ” is a stunning design in the world of water entertainment, and is known as the water “jumping machine”. Its unique fast planing slide design, visitors take a special skin after raft, down from the 13-meter-high platform at the entrance, under the impetus of the slide sprinkler, raft swept under the lowest point across with great inertia, the red To the opposite side of the climbing skateboard, quickly climb to the highest point to experience the thrill of “shooting into the sky”. During the play, release the pressure of the whole body and find a sense of excitement and freshness that is different from the past.

Instructions for playing on the sky-rotating slide:

      1. The slide must be entered under the instructions and assistance of the staff, and it is not allowed to enter without permission.
      2. The staff shall not taxi ahead of time without giving instructions.
      3. After entering the slide, make preparations before sliding as required. It is strictly forbidden to let go or stand while sliding. If the kayak stops suddenly, you need to follow the instructions of the staff. It is strictly forbidden to get up and leave the kayak without authorization.
      4. When you enter the pool at the end of water skiing, you should wait for the kayak to stop completely, then get off the kayak under the guidance of the staff and leave the pool as soon as possible.

Points for attention when playing the sky-turning slide:

  1. People with heart disease, acrophobia, hypertension patients, the elderly, pregnant women, and young children are not allowed to play.
  2. The use of the equipment must be carried out under the guidance of the entrance staff and the exit staff are in place.
  3. In the case of strong wind (wind speed greater than 15m/s), thunderstorms and frosts, the amusement facilities should be closed; if used at night, the illumination of the surrounding and sinking pools should be ensured not less than 50lx to ensure the safety of tourists.
  4. When the platform queues up and the stairs are crowded with tourists, it is necessary to guide tourists in time, and the load shall not exceed 4kn/㎡.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to slip dry without water or to slide the human body directly. Slide down in order and obey the instructions of the staff. Do not release the armrests or change other postures.
  6. Do not wear glasses, watches, jewelry and other hardware items to avoid impact damage in the slide.
  7. It is forbidden to use self-made or self-built kayaks that do not meet the safety requirements to slide, and it is strictly forbidden to slide two kayaks at the same time.

  8. Please leave immediately when sliding down into the sink, and do not stay in the sink of the slide.