What are the design requirements for the circulation river when constructing water park equipment?

Circumfluence river equipment is mainly a new type of water amusement project that simulates river rafting activities in nature. The characteristic is that the buildings coordinated with the natural environment are integrated, using the principle of hydraulics, to build a scientifically calculated waterway, and the water pump generates a drop to form a fast-flowing water. Circulation is also a ring-shaped river rafting river, ranging from the length of 100-1000 meters, the natural flow rate of about 50 m / min, such as floods sometimes rapidly, sometimes like a wave rolling, sometimes turning round and round, sometimes slow slow line, let In the gurgling water, tourists release their stress after stressful work, soothe their minds and bodies, feel comfortable with the currents, sail against the current, and feel the fresh joy of nature.

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When constructing a water park equipment circulating river, the route of the river should be determined according to the size of the site and the layout of other amusement pools, and meet the following requirements:

1. The river course is in the shape of a circular curve;

2. The length of the river flow should not be less than 200 meters, and the width of the river flow should not be less than 4 meters;

3. Necessary waterscapes can be set up along the banks of the river;

4. The maximum capacity of the circulation river should be calculated based on the water surface of 4 square meters per person;

5. Circulating rivers should be equipped with push-flow pumps, and the position and number of push-pumps should be determined according to the curved shape, length and water flow of the river;

6. The push-flow water pump room is generally located in the room under the pool on the side wall of the circulating river, so the pump room should be set up for drainage and ventilation;

7. The river section should be equipped with escalators for riders to enter, exit and rest for a short time. The escalator device should be recessed into the river wall and not protruding so as not to affect the safety of riders drifting in the water.

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