How to operate the water park equipment safely?

How to operate the water park equipment safely?

In recent years, the construction of domestic water parks has shown a trend of volcanic eruption. There are hundreds of thousands of new water parks every year, ranging from first- and second-tier cities to third- and fourth-tier cities to county towns, from the prosperous eastern and southern regions to blooming all over the country, there are row upon row of large and small water parks. Behind the raging investment of water parks, how many companies can make a profit? How many companies can stand out in the fierce market competition?

1. Reasonable selection of amusement equipment . Reasonable selection of amusement equipment is very important for water parks. The operation team with rich experience will provide reasonable suggestions for the selection of water park equipment, based on the park’s location, area size, investment scope, product positioning, market environment and other factors to provide opinions, whether to choose imported equipment or domestic equipment, according to the amusement. The equipment should not be properly matched in terms of excitement, processability, audience, popularity, etc.

 2. Advocacy of secondary consumption design Many tourists have not very good experience of secondary consumption in theme parks. The reasons for this are mainly reflected in two aspects. One is the high price and the other is the poor quality. In short, the price is not good. high! The secondary consumption of the park is an important part of the park. A reasonable secondary consumption design can not only increase the income of the park, but also improve the satisfaction of tourists and the reputation of the park.

 3. The rationality of function planning the water park has many service equipment directly related to the tourist experience, such as: the number of parking spaces, the diversion of people and vehicles; the number of ticket gates and ticket gates; the size of the visitor center and the division of functions; the size of the change area , The number of lockers, the number of shower rooms; the number of toilets in the park, the number of toilets, and the distribution status; the number and distribution of the catering area in the park; the design of the tourist movement; the design of the waiting area for amusement equipment; the design of the tourist rest area, etc., professional operation The team will put forward rationalization proposals from practical operational requirements to fully meet the experience needs of tourists.

 4. Proposals for the rationalization of supporting engineering (equipment) In addition to amusement equipment, supporting engineering (equipment) necessary for the operation of the water park is also very important for later operations, such as gates, lockers, ticket checking systems, cashier systems, water disposal systems, for aerial (pool) paving projects, lighting projects, landscape greening projects, stage performance equipment, etc., the operation team will put forward rationalization proposals for these supporting projects (equipment).

 5. Proposal for the design and construction of the park .The particularity of the water park leads to the need to pay attention to details in the design and construction, such as the problem of anti-skid and anti-scalding in the air, the problem of shading, the problem of rain and dirt isolation in the pool, the problem of greening and falling leaves, etc., many problems should be considered in the design stage and construction In the process of practical operation, we will reduce safety risks, improve the experience of tourists, and reduce operating costs. Sixth, the creation of the atmosphere of the park and the proposal of performing arts activities the creation of the atmosphere of the park is an important part of the park, and the performing arts activities are an important part of the atmosphere of the park. The way of performing arts is determined, and the number and composition of actors are selected according to the operating conditions. The wonderful performing arts activities will create a happy atmosphere in the park and enhance the experience of tourists.