What should I pay attention to when playing water amusement facilities for children’s water slides?

What should I pay attention to when playing water amusement facilities for children's water slides?

With the increase of china’s per capita income, before the opening of the national second-child policy, there was basically only one child in every family, who was the baby in the family. In order to give children more exposure to the wonderful world outside, so that they can have a happy and comfortable life. In childhood, mothers would often take their children to various playgrounds. The water park is a good choice. There are many water spray toys in the paddling pool. The cartoon image is very realistic. There are also water slides and water cottages for children. Children like to play. Here, children can promote parent-child relationships by playing on water slides and playing equipment, but what should I pay attention to when playing on children’s water slides ? Parents must mention before understood.

1. Before children playing children’s water slide must give the kids put on a swimsuit, the parents let the kids finish first on the play trumpet again, so the children play in the process because it will not appear in Wet clothes too perturbed to play , And avoid urinating due to forgetting to call an adult while playing, which may cause sanitary hazards in the water.

2. Guangzhou lanchao of water park equipment manufacturers slide, the volume will generally be made in accordance with the child’s height and weight, there are some wide slides for many children to play with, so in the process of playing the parents to accompany, not in Play with your mobile phone next to it to ensure that the children will be injured when they are crowded while playing, which will directly affect the health of the children.

3. The lanchao water slides for children produced by using a regular glass fiber reinforced plastic material, coupled with this layer of water protection, glide when it is safe, so parents can rest assured that allow children were playing on it, no matter how long the time between Slides will not emit ignorance that is harmful to the human body like plastic, and affect the health of children. This is never allowed.