Water park equipment water slide play instructions

Water park equipment water slide play instructions

Water park equipment water slides are thrilling and exciting. In order to ensure your safety while playing, please read the following tourist instructions carefully before using water park equipment:


        1. The elderly over 60 years old, children under 1.4 meters and people who are unwell are not allowed to use water amusement facilities. Tourists weighing more than 80 kg are not allowed to use the Python slide.

        2. For your safety, please do not bring any items, such as glasses, bath towels, slippers and other personal items; also do not wear necklaces, earrings, rings, watches and other items to avoid loss.

        3. People who are in a trance after drinking, suffer from heart disease, hypertension, cerebral hemorrhage and other cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, pink eye, severe trachoma and other eye diseases, and those who are allergic to various disinfectants are prohibited from using this entertainment facility.

        4. Do not stay in the slide and buffer pool or wait for relatives or friends, and walk out of the pool along the edge in time to avoid danger.

        5. Double sliding and dry skiing without water are strictly prohibited, and the use of water amusement facilities is prohibited without guardians and staff.

        6. Please use this water park equipment in accordance with the instructions of the staff. The details are as follows: squeeze the nose with one hand and hold the shoulders (or hold the head with both hands). Lie on your back, raise your head slightly, straighten your legs, cross your feet, Slide down. Do not change your posture during taxiing to avoid injury. If you do not comply with all the safety issues caused by this tourist notice, the resort and the water amusement equipment supplier will only express sympathy and shall not bear the relevant responsibility.