Three elements of how to prevent safety hazards in water parks

For water parks, the experience of tourists determines whether it can be profitable. A good experience is to increase the reputation and at the same time stimulate the second consumption of tourists. On the contrary, as the experience of visitors if poor, this water park is unknown whether profitable. We all know that safety directly affects the degree of experience. There are so many tourists in the park, so how can we prevent safety issues that affect the experience of tourists?

1.Equipment problems
      According to relevant data, accidental injuries in water parks are mainly caused by scratches on water slides. As a carrier for tourists to play, slides should be maintained frequently. To carry out daily, weekly, and monthly inspection and maintenance of equipment at different depths. Inspection and trial before the opening of the park is very important to check before running every day, no problem after inspection and after the formal commissioning can transport operators should also make operational records. The equipment should be constantly checked during operation, and the safety of the water temperature, water volume, slide and other details should be maximized. At the same time for the registration of the accident into line statistics, or improve upon the device subject to adjustment by tourists equipped with protective props.

2. Emergency plan issues 
   The safety management unit shall formulate different emergency plans for possible safety incidents. The content should cover a variety of possible emergencies. There are so many equipment in the water park . If there is a safety problem one day, the loss can be reduced to a minimum with an emergency plan. It is also necessary to conduct pre-rehearsals at fixed points at regular intervals, requiring tacit cooperation and proficiency in the process by all units , so as to provide tourists with timely assistance and quickly control the scene in time when an emergency occurs.

3.Staff allocation issues 
      The safety management unit of the water park should provide enough life-saving personnel and life-saving equipment in the park, and high-level guard posts should be set up in facilities where the water surface is wide and difficult to observe. Life-saving personnel should be uniformly dressed and easily identifiable, and should be equipped with corresponding liaison equipment, communication equipment, and life-saving equipment. During operation, the assessment team in the park conducts inspections and surprise inspections of employees at various positions , and promptly discovers and handles problems such as inattention, inattention, and irresponsibility for frontline employees.