How should the water park enter the off-season management after summer vacation?

In early autumn and september, the students returned to campus life after having a free and happy summer vacation. After seven, after the august summer holiday season, the water park is now slowly entering the flat period from the summer peak operations. After missing the important group of students, how can the operators manage the water park during the dull period?

While the water park equipment brings high benefits to the operators, there are also potential safety hazards in many aspects. For example, in the area of re-shocking the water pump, afterthe overload operation during thepeakperiod, the wearing parts, dust, static electricity, and overheating will cause some fragile electronic components are damaged, which leads to adeclinein the operatingefficiency of theentire equipment. At this time, it needs to be checked and repaired in time. The steel structure of the water park must be derusted and maintained. Check the quality of the water slide andwhether the screwsfixing the slideare firm. In order to eliminate hidden dangers, prevent chain reactions and cause greater losses.

In addition to the inspection of water amusement facilities, the personnel also attaches equal importance. Employees in various positions, especially some newly recruited employees, will cause excessive stress and fatigue during the peak period of high-intensity work. Once the relaxation hits, the service awareness and quality during the off-season will decline to varying degrees, and even there will be some unnecessary negative emotions are generated and accumulated. As a water park operator, you need to take precautions or make up for it. Need in high season targeted after the peak period the overall strengthening of employee skills training, correct staff service attitude, improve staff awareness of service, as well as parks hardware and safety factors of the investigation and rest, etc., in order to enhance the summary to meet a business summit expect.