How to prevent danger from water park equipment

In order to avoid accidents caused by water amusement equipment to people, Guangzhou Lanchao Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd. recommends that the management unit of amusement equipment should pay attention to the following points:

  1. The management unit of water park equipment should be equipped with sufficient life-saving equipment for water amusement equipment Personnel and life-saving equipment, and high-level guard posts should also be installed in facilities where the water surface is wide and difficult to observe. Life-saving personnel should be uniformly dressed and easily identifiable, and should be equipped with corresponding contact equipment, communication equipment and life-saving tools.

  2. The management unit of the water park equipment should set up eye-catching tourist instructions and warning signs on the appropriate parts of the equipment or facilities. When the water park equipment exceeds the predetermined position during operation, there is a possibility of danger, the limit control and limit position control device shall be used, and the control device shall be safe and reliable.

  3. The management unit of water park installations should select amusement facilities and equipment that meet the requirements of safety technical specifications. The amusement equipment should be registered with the local municipal special equipment safety supervision and management department within 30 days after being put into use, and should establish amusement facilities technical files .

  4. The water park equipment must undergo necessary inspections before daily operation, and can be officially operated only after inspection without problems and trial operation. Operation records should also be made.

  5. Water park equipment should be inspected and maintained in a comprehensive manner once every six months, and the inspection status, repair content and treatment results should be recorded and archived. For the hazardous chemicals used, special personnel should be set up to take care of them, and corresponding warning signs should be set up.

  6. The operators of large-scale water park equipment and their related management personnel shall be qualified by the special equipment safety supervision and management department in accordance with the relevant national regulations and obtain the national uniform format special operator certificate before they can engage in it.

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