Water park equipment should be reasonably planned and installed

     For investors, the first consideration for building a water park is whether the equipment is optimally placed. In many cases, the selection and placement of water park equipment will be carried out according to the nearby humanistic environment . If there are more residential areas nearby, you must choose more interactive equipment. Generally, the more interactive equipment is more favored by investors. That it how the device placement can make water park operators to maximize it?

      Visitors enter the water park from the door, first of all they obtain information about the park equipment through their sight. The first purpose of the tourists is mainly to play in the water amusement facilities, so it is necessary to optimize the design in this regard, under normal circumstances, the design will be based on the size of the equipment. From the beginning, placed in front of some of the more short of equipment, such as children’s pool, play water like pieces of equipment, by comparison, after a little corner on the placement of large-scale equipment is relatively high, most of the water park are positioned such equipment, so placement the advantages of the device will be the park visitors can see at a glance what the inside of the device in place. Don’t always ask the staff to make the tourist experience better. On the contrary, the placement of large equipment in the front will affect the presence of small equipment. Some tourists have not finished playing all the equipment in the park, which will greatly reduce the experience of tourists.

       The water park must not only optimize the design from the perspective of visitors, but also design from the experience. The area is designed according to the age of the tourists, and the equipment suitable for children and children is placed in the same area. Some devices that are more interactive and suitable for friends and couples to increase emotional play are placed in the same area. Single-person experience is more stimulating equipment placed in one area. The purpose of this is mainly to consider the feelings of tourists, so that their feeling of continuing to play the next slide will not be interrupted by the difference in experience.