Tips for safe operation of water parks

Tips for safe operation of water parks

Safety is the top priority in the operation and management of water parks. Talking about operation and management without safety is an unrealistic empty talk. Since safety is so important, how do you ensure that your water park is safe and reliable so that visitors can have fun and excitement? This involves all aspects of the entire water park, such as early project planning, positioning, planning and design, equipment selection, to the final construction, operation and management. Safety cannot be separated from it. It must be comprehensive and consider safety first. The following are tips for safe operation of water parks summarized in the practice of many water parks for everyone to discuss together.

1. Planning positioning is based on reality.
While planning and using imagination in the early stage, it is also necessary to be down-to-earth, based on safety considerations in reality, and respect existing technology and objective construction conditions. In planning the project, it is necessary to deeply consider various aspects such as technology, venue, and human sensation in terms of the excitement and safety of tourists’ experience.

2. Planning and designing to adapt to local conditions.
Requires comprehensive consideration of the local climate type and the influence of geographical conditions on the equipment of the water park. At the same time, we weigh the location of different water park equipment and the space interval, so that visitors can have a movement line organization that saves time and effort, and achieves complete planning, safe and orderly. If the planning is not good, some tourists without a sense of direction may get lost in the water park.

3. The water park equipment purchase shelf.
Of choice is a reliable guarantee of quality and mature technology equipment, water park amusement equipment selection should pay attention to consider the size, style, theme, and other market customer base due to factors, choose the right water park equipment not blindly pursuing expensive.

4. The construction conforms to the specifications. 

The construction of the water park requires the connection of the basic civil construction party and the water park equipment construction party. Therefore, the quality management during the construction phase is particularly important, and must comply with process specifications and construction requirements.

5. Comprehensive and meticulous.
Opening preparations Special attention should be paid to personnel training and the improvement of work systems during opening preparations. On the one hand, it is necessary to strengthen the training of the staff in the park and improve their safety awareness. Enhance the operation of water park equipment is to use standard training, and regularly assess the staff’s job knowledge and operating specifications.

6. Safety in operation management is the main.
Daily operation and management, everything is safety-oriented, attention to details, and emergency response plans should be set up. Routine maintenance of water park equipment should also be implemented.