Plan and Invest

How to plan a whole water park entertainment and how much should to invest for a entire water park project, from design ,install to operate a project.

Several important issues to be considered in the planning and construction of water parks

In 2016, in China and the world, there are various theme water parks with different cultural backgrounds and different themes. The water parks are still in a stage of steady and rapid development. In China, the investors of water parks are still growing. I have interviewed many friends who invest in water parks or want to invest in water parks for consultation and visits. Most of them have never been in contact with the water park industry, lack investment, construction and operation management experience, and do not know the industry very well. Give some answers to the three most frequently asked questions by friends.

Analysis on the importance of water park planning and design

The success of the water park operation generally depends on the planning and design of the park in the early stage of investment. The ultimate goal of investing in a water park is to make a profit, and for a water park to be profitable, it is necessary to attract tourists and control costs. The long-term operation of the water park is particularly important for the overall planning of the project. This planning not only refers to technical issues, but more importantly, conceptual issues. At the same time, the design serves the management and operation of the project. If you make a mistake in the planning and design, it will cause high management costs, hidden safety hazards, unreasonable procedures, unsatisfied customers, many management personnel, etc. This is a mistake caused in the early stage, and it is quite difficult to correct it in the later stage. Time-consuming and long-term.