Water Park Equipment

Water Park Equipment from Lanchao are all made of high quality material fiberglass.

Our products include Water Slide,Water House, Lazy river & Wave Machine, as well as kinds of Water Toys.We supply one-stop solution from design to installation.Also Good After-Sale Service.Welcome to visit our fatory anytime.

We will show you arround our factory and successful projects.

Our team have designed almost 5,000 kilometers (16,808 feet) of slide path in our history. Needless to say, we’ve learned a few things about water slides along the way. If you have questions, we’d be happy to answer them.

All water play equipment such as water slide for both adults and kids.

Swimming pool wave machine with both air-blast and vacuum surf wave equipment.

Outdoor water playground house & fiberglass pirate boat in water park, lazy leisure river,tidal extreme river.

Over 80 kinds of cartoon spray pads,and numbers of water splash play toys,etc….

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Powerful professional engineers, experienced construction team, and after-sales service team are all ready to help you anytime. Once any problem occurs after the completion of the project, our after-sales service team will immediately flow up and solution your problems.

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We have built a lot of successful water park project allover the world.We have confidence to build another successful waterpark project.Select a fit supply is very important.Our products are one-year guaranteed.If under good maintain,the equipment can work over 10  years.We win a lot of praise from our clients. And we have good reputation in the industry.

The future water park equipment will face the survival of the fittest

When It Comes To The Water Park, I Believe Many Friends Have Something To Say. As A Breeding Creature In The Hot Summer, It Has Developed Rapidly. As A Kind Of Existence That Can Bring Us Beauty, We Can Get A Lot From It. We Can Imagine That Taking The Whole Family To The Water Park On A Hot Summer Day Can Not Only Increase Mutual Feelings, But Also Kill The Boring Time Of Summer, But Also Get A Wholesome Fun. Of Course, As Ordinary Tourists, People Think Of Nothing More Than These, Where Is The Park More Fun, Better Facilities, More Beautiful Environment, Better Service, Etc…

Rural township water park equipment projects have huge potential

With the rapid development of rural urbanization, towns and villages have become a big consumer market. There are more than 40,000 townships in China. If a small water park is built for every three townships, there will be more than 10,000 water parks in China. Initially, investors will feel that there is no market and no potential in the rural areas, and they all focus on big cities and some county-level cities. In fact, there are many advantages to building a water park in a township.

Analysis of the current situation of water park equipment in my country

At Present, The Development Status Of My Country’s Water Park Construction Industry Has Been Greatly Improved, And The Market Demand Is Increasing. The Market Environment Is Getting Better And Better. However, The Market Environment Is Getting Better And The Problems Of The Water Park Equipment Industry Itself Have Caused Many Problems That Cannot Be Changed. Strong, The Current Level Of My Country’s Large-Scale Water Park Equipment Industry Is Still At The Middle To Low Level. They All Produce Low-End Products With Little Technological Content, And Do Not Have Strong Market Competitiveness, Especially In The International Market.

Great development of water park equipment industry with broad prospects

More And More People Like To Consult The Price Of Water Park Equipment From The Internet. I Found That Customers Who Ask Prices Have One Thing In Common, That Is, They Ask About The Price As Soon As They Come, And Don’t Care About Other Issues At All. In Fact, Choosing Water Park Equipment Should Not Only Consider The Price, But Also Choose From The Manufacturer. If You Plan To Invest In Water Amusement Parks, It Is Recommended To Visit Well-Known Domestic Amusement Park Brands And Amusement Parks With Good Reputation, So That You Will Have A Bottom When You Consult The Manufacturer. When Purchasing Water Park Equipment, It Is Necessary To Check Whether All The Procedures Of The Manufacturer Are Complete. Now The State Is Increasingly Inspecting Water Park Equipment, Especially For Those Amusement Parks In Large Water Parks, Water Parks, And State-Owned Water Parks. Equipment. If The Procedures Are Not Complete, There May Be A Temporary Benefit, But It Is Not A Long-Term Solution. The Purchase Of A Product Depends On Whether The Accessories Used In The Product Are Produced By A Regular Manufacturer And Whether The Overall Design Is Reasonable. Control Inferior Products At The Source, So That The Products Will Be More Secure In Operation.

Water quality problems of water park equipment manufacturers

Residual Chlorine In Water Is An Important Indicator Of Swimming Pool Water Quality. Insufficient Chlorine Content Means Insufficient Sterilization Of The Water Body, Which May Lead To Excessive Bacterial Content In The Pool Water, Increased Particulate Matter, And Adverse Effects On The Human Body. The Swimming Pools Built By Current Water Park Equipment Manufacturers Generally Use Chlorine-Containing Disinfectants To Sterilize And Purify Water. There Have Been Children Choking On Water, Causing A Cough And High Fever, And The Hospital Diagnosed It As A Respiratory Infection Caused By Bacteria.

How to do a good job in marketing the water park?

How To Make The Water Park Advertised And Popular? Managers Who Run Water Parks Will Have A Set Of Marketing And Promotion Strategies. In Fact, Water Parks Are One Of The Most Popular Projects At The Moment, And They Have Their Own Physique That Is Popular With Everyone. However, There Are So Many Water Parks, How Can Water Parks Become More Famous? How Can We Attract People To Recognize Knowledge And Understanding Of It? Then This Requires A Good Marketing Promotion. How To Do Marketing And Promotion Work? Here Are The Following Points From Guangzhou Lanchao Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd.