General construction process of water park equipment project

The enthusiasm for the development of water parks in my country is obvious to all. More and more people want to join the construction boom of water parks, but blindly constructing and planning will only backfire. In the early stage of construction, it is necessary to make sufficient research preparations and be familiar with all the processes to get twice the result with half the effort.  

       1. Preliminary investigation

Before investment and development, you should visit more successful water park industry models, and plan the area of the site, the customer base for the target group, and the theme of the water park. Then you can look for water park equipment manufacturers, and the manufacturers will draw up a water park planning plan and a water park equipment configuration plan based on the information provided. Investors can choose the final partner manufacturer based on the plan.

       2. Negotiation venue

The venue is the prerequisite for the construction of the water park, and the water park needs to be designed according to the existing venue. When choosing a venue, choose a good location to ensure a certain amount of passenger flow. Before discussing the venue, you must first understand the area and floor plan of the venue.

       3. Water park design

Generally, water park equipment manufacturers will provide water park design services. Of course, you can also find a professional design company to design water park drawings. The information that investors need to provide includes site area, site plan, and corresponding water park design requirements. Designers Design the water park based on the information provided.

  4. Negotiate equipment prices

If the drawing is directly produced by the water park equipment manufacturer, the price of the product will be calculated after the drawing is designed; if a professional design company is responsible for the design, you need to take the drawing to negotiate the price with the manufacturer. Different manufacturers have different pricing methods for their products.

       5. Equipment installation and finishing
After signing the venue, the venue can be decorated. Generally speaking, the manufacturer will be responsible for the transportation and installation of the water park equipment. At the same time as the decoration, you can start preparing for the opening, such as opening promotional activities, printing of park tickets and promotional pages, and recruitment of service personnel.

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