New water park parent-child projects in major hotels during the summer

During the summer vacation, all major hotels have advertised parent-child activities, and launched a variety of fun and educational parent-child activities and projects for families with children. Different types of hotels have created unique water park features to allow children to stay in the hotel. Spend a holiday full of joy. The water park is of course an indispensable item in order to attract parents and children to stay and play. Can sleep soundly and play well.


Generally, the hotel’s water park will be based on children’s equipment, so the water park equipment will use some cartoon types, such as frog slides, octopus slides, apple houses and various sprinklers. The water houses are more interactive. Generally, one or two are also placed. The rafting river can also be used by the whole family. Leisurely ride the floating circle around the entire water park and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way.


Some hotels have launched a series of farming life experiences, allowing children in the city to go deep into the countryside and experience a different country life. Through the hotel’s experience activities, children can pick vegetables, plant seedlings in the rice fields, fish and shrimp in the river, and fish by the stream under the guidance of their parents to experience farming life. Citizens who have participated in this experience activity said that taking children to experience rural farming life, doing farm work, and sweating, not only allows children to fully understand the countryside, but also better promotes parent-child relationship.

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