How to buy water park equipment

How to buy water park equipment

When buying water park products and equipment for water park investors, mastering the following points will help you choose the appropriate water park equipment:

1. The equipment must be domestically produced or imported?
The quality of equipment produced abroad is good, but the price is also expensive. In recent years, the quality of domestic water park equipment has also been greatly improved, safety and quality are also guaranteed, and the variety of domestic water amusement equipment is also very complete.

2. How to inspect the strength of equipment manufacturers?
First of all, the business license is the basic qualification of the manufacturer, and a valid business license that matches the scope of business is a legitimate business enterprise. Secondly, if it is a large purchase, it is recommended to go to the manufacturer for on-site inspection, mainly to look at the manufacturer’s production site and production equipment.

3. Does the manufacturer have operating experience in water park projects?
More professional equipment manufacturers will also have their own water park projects. Such manufacturers can produce equipment and have project management experience and are ideal partners for cooperation. Water park is a booming industry. The key to investment and operation is not only in product equipment, but an excellent and rigorous business management plan will be effective in doing business with half the effort and achieve strategic planning. If an investment customer only pays attention to products but ignores the operation plan, and does not have a management method suitable for his own park, many problems will arise in actual operation. There may be problems such as duplication of planning, spending more construction funds, delaying time to miss the earnings season, and poor market positioning, and business operations may go in the wrong direction at the beginning. Therefore, investors must watch and watch carefully. There are water park project operational management of the manufacturers not only have specific professional operators mentoring programs, and have a strong sense of planning. The experience of the owner of the manufacturer is your great wealth when operating the water park project. It can help you establish a good development direction and positioning in the market. Choosing a manufacturer with comprehensive strength is a strong guarantee for customer investment and operation.

4. What after-sales service can the manufacturer provide?
After the equipment is purchased, is the warranty period and warranty service items indicated in the equipment purchase contract? Powerful manufacturers will list the maintenance, maintenance and repair attention problems and methods in the operation instruction manual, and provide quick repair methods. In the event of an unexpected situation that the customer cannot repair by himself, can the manufacturer make a timely solution and send professionals to the scene to help the customer quickly deal with it? This is a problem that needs to be clarified after service. If the manufacturer only produces equipment, but is not familiar with the operation, has no experience and after-sales measures, it will be a headache for investment customers to encounter problems. Therefore, investment customers must not ignore the after-sales service selection of manufacturers.

5. How to distinguish the quality of product equipment?

At present, there are many domestic manufacturers of water park equipment, and each manufacturer has its own process and production technology. The quality of the product is not only related to the raw materials used, but also closely related to the production process. The quality of the product can be observed in many details, such as whether the stitching part is flat? Are the strength and workmanship of the safety handle reliable? These details reflect the management level of the manufacturer.

  As we all know, product safety is the first priority. If manufacturers can grasp the above points, they can make judgments when purchasing equipment and choose products that are suitable for them.