Industry Development Orientation of Guangzhou Water Park Equipment

Industry Development Orientation of Guangzhou Water Park Equipment

Every summer, people will go to the water park for carnivals, and the number of tickets for theme parks, water parks, rafting and other scenic spots will rise linearly. With the continuous changes of citizens’ consumption habits, more and more citizens can directly book or buy by mobile phones. Park tickets, summer months are the peak of water park play, commonly known as Xia Jiaozi, the water park’s play items and word of mouth determine the stable volume of passenger flow.

As the water park is a new industry, it is developing rapidly, with lagging management and lack of talents. However, the industry is constantly advancing, and the development of water park equipment is also oriented.

Analyzing the entire national market, it is not difficult to find that there is no shortage of large-scale water parks. A large-scale water park radiates several nearby cities. Although large water parks are good, they will have constraints when they develop, so the development of small water parks The paradise will have advantages for investors, and it will also be more in line with the development needs of the market, making it easier to succeed. The development of small theme water parks requires less investment and short construction time. The water park equipment can be customized according to needs, with high flexibility, and the direction can be adjusted at any time to adapt to the mainstream market.

Water parks can develop in coordination with other tourism resources in the city and integrate with each other, which can drive regional tourism and increase the passenger flow of water parks. For example, it can be combined with local theaters, children’s parks, motor parks, food courts, leisure projects, etc. , To form a theme amusement cluster, allowing people to enrich amusement items, eat happily, and play richly.

Water parks are divided into indoor water parks and outdoor water parks. Compared with the popularity of outdoor water parks in summer, indoor water parks have the advantage that they can provide places throughout the year, regardless of seasons and weather, and have a long operating time. Indoor water parks can Together with swimming pools, leisure streets, shopping malls, etc., commercial consumption and entertainment are complementary to each other and develop into a comprehensive commercial and entertainment venue.

The establishment of a water park must take full account of the regional population, economy and radiation range, make good use of the construction formats around the site, and develop more comprehensive and linked water parks that combine amusement and commerce to make investment more valuable and fast Recover profit.

The water park will continue to develop, and the industry is also integrating and progressing. Therefore, water park equipment manufacturers must seize the opportunity to improve the quality and innovation capabilities of their products, improve service levels, and let investors have trust in the equipment company. The entire industry has a good Orientation will allow the healthy development of the market.