Reminders for water amusement equipment

Reminders for water amusement equipment

The summer vacation of 2017 is approaching, and it is a good time to play in the water park. Both adults and children are actively looking for which water park is more fun, exciting and distinctive online. So what are the precautions when playing ? 


Although the matters of each water park are a bit different, the precautions of different water amusement equipment are not exactly the same, but at least the precautions related to safety must be kept in mind. If there is any accident, it will be a loss. Regarding the precautions when playing with water amusement equipment, Guangzhou Lanchao Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd. puts forward the following points here.



1. When parents take their children to play in the water park, they must carefully read the passenger instructions and all precautions before playing. In general water parks, a sign will be displayed at the entrance of each water amusement equipment . There are many large-scale water amusement equipment and children’s water amusement equipment in the water park. Some water amusement equipment is not all suitable for you to play. To according to their own physical condition is allowed, you can not play the most good not to risk to try, does not meet the age and height of the premise, do not take a strong irritant of water play equipment, especially for some high blood pressure or heart disease Tourists with diseases.

2. When playing water amusement equipment, for the safety of yourself and others, you must follow the play order. Best not to take the keys, bags of those items easily fall to the cockpit, at the same time check the seat if there are circumstances cabin loose; water play equipment during operation, it can not be any part of the body such as the hands and feet protruding outside , but not allowed without permission to unlock a life jacket, according to the formal sitting kayaking; the most important need is required to follow the staff orderly conduct play.


3. Before playing with water play equipment for large water play equipment, be sure to observe whether there is play equipment nameplate food safety regulator issued, if there is no explanation has not checked the security sector, is strictly prohibited to play this type play equipment. Although each water amusement equipment has a dedicated staff to maintain, it can not avoid their careless time.


The development of society is changing with each passing day. More and more theme parks and amusement parks are presented to the public. At the same time, it has also driven the development of the amusement industry. Many novel and fun water amusement equipment have been launched. Guangzhou Lanchao Water Park equipment manufacturer, specializing in the production, sales and installation of water amusement equipment and large-scale water amusement facilities. We can plan and customize various new amusement equipment required by investors according to your requirements to meet the needs of children’s entertainment, and will also encourage more friends to invest in children’s water amusement equipment.