What kind of water park equipment is recommended in 2018?

What kind of water park equipment is recommended in 2018?

In a blink of an eye in 2018, it will be March. Spring is here, can summer be far behind? Are there any fun water park equipment recommendations? Of course there are friends, guangzhou lanchao water park to recommend several water on the rides, so you have fun in 2018, have a good time!


Big horn slide

The big horn slide is currently a popular large-scale equipment in domestic water parks. It is one of the water park equipment that is novel and pleasant, and must be played. Four tourists ride on a special kayak and slide from the starting point of the platform at a height of 14 meters into the enclosed spiral tube. The body gives people a dreamy feeling. The rapid water slide makes people feel unprecedented stimulation. The strong sense of weightlessness makes people immediately leave the original land of existence, forget about themselves, and scream involuntarily, under the pressure of heavy work. I got a hearty vent.

Rainbow, high-speed, spiral combined slide

Rainbow, high-speed, and spiral combination slides have three distinctive conventional slide combinations, which combine competitive, fun and exciting. It has simple structure, low price, convenient installation , and high safety. It is a very classic water park slide. It has multiple parallel designs, usually 3-8, which can be used to slide on the body or on a floating pad and start the game at the same time . The interaction is strong, so that visitors can participate in the competition many times and get a unique experience of joy and invigoration.


Bumblebee slide

Bumblebee slide, the newly developed combination slide. The design concept combines the original ecological experience and the realistic slide. It aims to provide tourists with a variety of sliding experiences. 4 tourists ride on a special kayak, starting from the entrance of 17 meters high. The road slides through multiple trumpet-shaped cylinders and enclosed slides, like a shuttle in the starry sky. 3 by a special horn body connected integrally with the curved chute segments before and after the transition, this slide comprising mounting structure is simple, safe, novel, interesting, in one of the highlights irritating facilities.