Water park design process

Water park design process

Water park design process:

1. Investment planning

  Is to study the tourism market, social economy, competitors, etc. Of the project site, and determine the market positioning of the project. According to the principle of optimal return on investment, determine the reasonable investment quota of the project and the investment ratio of each functional module. The core is that good steel is used on the cutting edge, and funds are used well under a certain investment quota to shape the attractiveness of the project. The same project investment, the stronger the attractiveness, the higher the value.

2. Brand planning

  Is based on investment planning ideas, implement market positioning and create attractiveness, determine the project brand strategy and competitive strategy. The core is to lock the target consumer groups, identify customer needs, from the perspective of the future marketing of the project, carry out entertainment creativity, plan the highlights and selling points of the project, and build a unique tourist experience during the project play process. This is the key to creating project characteristics and differentiation.

3. Design planning

  Is the transition to design implementation in accordance with the ideas of investment planning and brand planning. Around the project characteristics and differentiation, the overall organization and deepening of the design content. The core is to put forward planning ideas, determine construction content and functional zoning, select architectural styles, cultural themes, water park equipment, and analyze feasibility to provide control technical indicators requirements or guidance for key domain functional areas for subsequent design.

4. Overall planning and scheme design

  Express the construction content and layout of the project through the overall planning design drawing, and determine the spatial position relationship of each functional area of the project and its connection with the outside. Put forward the main landmark building modeling plan and the important node landscape plan, and point out the key points of the design, and rationally arrange the water park equipment.

5. Preliminary design

  According to the overall planning and design drawings, the specific design links of the partitions are further deepened, the key contents of entertainment creativity and core projects are refined, and the technical solutions and main parameters are determined.

6. Construction drawing design

  Compile detailed general drawings, detailed drawings of different professions, construction estimates, express the specific dimensions, materials, methods and other technical requirements of each detail, and the goal is to be able to guide the construction of various professions.