What is the use of the water park operation team, is it important?

What is the use of the water park operation team, is it important?

In recent years, the construction of water parks has shown a momentum of rapid development. According to incomplete statistics, dozens of emerging water parks emerge every year, including developed, developing and underdeveloped water parks all over the world. everywhere. How much profit does the investment boom in water parks have? How many people stand out from the fierce competition? 

A successful water park depends on many factors. Here we will discuss the importance of the operation team involved in the construction of the water park. At present, most of the water park investors are not engaged in the tourism and theme park industry. Many of them just decided to invest in water parks because of the hot summer scene. The focus of water park construction is the scale and quantity of water park equipment, and little attention is paid to the participation of professional operation teams in the preliminary design stage. If the actual operation requirements of the design are not fully considered, it will not only increase the later construction cost, but also increase the operation and management cost during the operation process, and even have a serious impact on the travel experience and brand image. 

Therefore, we recommend investors waterpark invite experienced management team involved in the design stage, to fully consider the operation and management requirements, in practice, can not only improve customer satisfaction, but also to reduce the cost of the project operation and management costs and the latter. 

So, what are the important aspects of the water park operation team? 

1. Reasonable 

Selection of water park equipment choosing reasonable water park equipment is very important for water parks. According to the park’s geographical location, the size, the scale of investment, product positioning, market conditions and other factors, according to the play equipment thorn in different aspects of shock, the audience, such as the well-known and experienced operations team can offer reasonable suggestions for the selection of water park equipment. Make a reasonable match. 

2. Reasonable suggestions for supporting projects (facilities) 

In addition to the water park equipment, the operation of the water park must form a complete set of projects (facilities) for future use, such as brakes, lockers, ticketing systems, cashier systems, Water treatment system , ground (pool) pavement engineering, lighting engineering, landscape greening engineering, stage performance art facilities, etc. The team will make reasonable suggestions. 

3. The rationality of the functional layout. 

There are many service facilities directly related to the travel experience, such as the number of parking spaces and cars diversion; number of tickets and points; visitor center scale and functional division; bath size, the number of wardrobe, shower room number amount; the park toilets, toilet The number and distribution of seats; the number and distribution of catering areas in the park; the design of tourist routes; the design of waiting areas for amusement facilities; the design of tourist rest areas and other professional operation teams put forward reasonable suggestions from actual operations to fully meet the experience needs of tourists. 

4. Suggestions on secondary consumption design. 

Many tourists are not very good at the secondary consumption experience of theme parks. The reasons for the investigation are mainly reflected in two aspects, one is the price, the other is the poor quality, in short, the price is not good! The second consumption is an important part of the park. A reasonable design for the second consumption can not only increase the income of the park, but also improve the satisfaction of tourists and the reputation of the park. 

5. Suggestions on the atmosphere creation and performance activities of the park. 

The atmosphere of the park is an important part of the park, and performance activities are an important part of the atmosphere of the park. Determine the type of actors according to the business situation, select the number and composition of actors, and the wonderful performance will create a pleasant atmosphere and enhance the tourist experience. 

6. Recommendations on the details of the design and construction of the .

Water park. The particularity of the water park requires the details of the design and construction, such as the prevention of slippery ground, shading, rain pollution and pool isolation, green leaves, etc. Many issues have been considered in the design stage And after the construction details are in place, the safety risks in the actual operation process can be reduced, the travel experience can be improved, and the operating cost can be reduced.