Key points of water park operation and management

Key points of water park operation and management

Waterpark as a theme park, with its unique culture, scientific and technological content and strong recreational functions, as the current urban tourism product in the hottest star in the country everywhere flowers, the overall development is particularly popular. In particular, no matter how and where the water park projects launched in recent years are done, the operating profit margin will not be too bad. The problem is how to achieve higher investment returns. This is not only the core demand for the investment and construction of the park, but also the most concerned area for the operation of the water park after its opening. In this regard, we guangzhou lanchao water park equipment co., ltd. talk about how to carry out the operation and management of the water park opened.

 1. The main image of the park.

  Carry out the post image management work according to the project post standard, check and supervise whether the personnel are implemented according to the standard, whether the appearance, etiquette, etc. meet the post work standard requirements, and the staff post image can reach the standard through training and other methods.

 2. After the management.

       Supervision are in place, it is clear whether the various positions in the water park park, such as equipment operation and maintenance, customer service, and ticket checking, are carried out correctly and efficiently, and the operation site is clear at a glance. Through the field guide, to detect and correct regular staff as not to operate, not in place and other issues, quickly straighten out the post workflow, improve job management level positions throughout the park.

 3. Improve the marketing and promotion work.

  Generally, before the opening of the water park, it is necessary to make a corresponding plan for the later marketing and promotion. After the opening of the park, analyze the value, feasibility and necessity of the series of marketing promotion plans before opening according to the actual situation during the implementation of the marketing promotion plan , and then quickly adjust and improve the plan to improve marketing promotion efficiency and conversion rate, but must pay attention to promotion time.

 4. Professional and accurate training.

  Whether it is before or after the opening of the water park, training is the only way to quickly improve the quality of the park’s services. Especially after the opening, the normal operation of various positions in the water park needs training support, such as equipment and facility operation and maintenance, service etiquette, park introduction, water area life-saving safety, business ability, etc., in order to ensure the four major aspects of skills, service, safety, and marketing promotion. Operators master the skills and provide high-quality services, allowing tourists to have fun and play at ease. But the most important thing is the quality and psychological training of employees, which determines the output effect of high-quality services. In the same park to ensure the reasonable interests , try to improve the welfare of employees, which determines the quality of the output of high-quality services.

 5. Pay attention to water quality and safety work.

  Park safety is the lifeline of the sustainable operation of the water park. The water park has a variety of special equipment, mainly water elements, and direct contact with tourists is related to the personal safety of tourists.It is also necessary to do a good job in safety protection. Specifically, that is, in terms of special equipment and facilities should plan to do and emergency drills; is to be in safety management and processing of water quality on a regular basis, so that the water park quality standard to ensure the safety of tourists leisure, the best word of mouth Publicity effect.

 6. Standardize legal operation.

  At the project site, guide and supervise the internal and external inspections of the water park park. The main job is to supervise the implementation of equipment and facilities start trial operation, etc., with a view to early detection and early resolution, at the same time to take the relevant departments for examination.

   In addition to the above work, the water park opened in the daily operation of the process will involve logistics personnel administration, ticketing, lockers, security networks, equipment and facilities maintenance, troubleshooting, health tube management, customer complaint handling, professional The establishment of archives and other aspects include multiple types of work and complex procedures. If there is no professional operation management operation, it will be difficult to operate in an orderly manner. How to make a profit after the opening of the water park ? Long-term, professional operators, professional people to do professional things, then be creative, marketing winning, fine management in order to hold water park market dividends, stand out in the fierce competition, changsheng not decline.