What is the difference between a large indoor water park and an outdoor water park?

What is the difference between a large indoor water park and an outdoor water park?

Large-scale indoor water parks can be open 365 days a year, whether it is windy or rainy. The emergence of indoor water parks fills the needs of a large number of urban groups in spring and autumn and even winter. With the continuous improvement of water park equipment manufacturing technology, small and medium-sized water park projects, the general cycle can be completed in 5 months, and the large-scale water park project cycle can be completed in only about one year, and the large-scale indoor water park projects are relatively rich, such as the integration of hot spring spas, swimming pools, wave pools, indoor skateboarding and other projects , The indoor water park is more versatile and attracts tourists.

What is the difference between a large indoor water park and a large outdoor water park?

1. The difference in the selection of water park equipment.

When building large indoor water parks and outdoor water parks, there will be differences in the selection of water park equipment. Indoor water parks are subject to restrictions on the building body and area, and generally will not choose very large water parks . Water amusement facilities, otherwise the construction cost will be high. Indoor water parks are generally relatively small in size, while outdoor water parks are not restricted by construction space. The civil construction costs are relatively small and the area is large. Large-scale water amusement facilities are generally placed.

2. The construction period.

Comes to above the high cost of the construction cost than the outdoor water park indoor water park a lot, mainly in expensive civil engineering costs, in terms of water park equipment, if the site is restricted, water fun park equipment requires customization, development The cost will also be higher. Generally, the construction period of an indoor water park of the same scale is longer than that of an outdoor water park.

3. Hours different.

In years, notable features an indoor water park is open all year round, indoor heated costs are relatively high, it is time to consider the construction and consumption habits of people, such as consideration of weeks the whole, interior The operation of water parks is very objective. Outdoor water parks in the south are at most in late spring, summer, and early autumn. Many outdoor water parks can only be operated in summer, because they mainly depend on the weather conditions , unlike indoors that can adjust the temperature.

4. indoor.

Indoor water park is not restricted by the weather, and can be free from the restriction of the weather. What kind of weather can make the children play there easily and enjoy the body and mind. In addition, there are not only indoor swimming pools , but also various supporting water facilities, which can increase the entertainment of the water park.

5. Cost.

The ticket price of a large indoor water park is not much different from the price of an existing outdoor water park. It is acceptable to people who usually work. In comparison, it costs the same money but allThe services enjoyed are different, more diversified equipment, safe facilities, and perfect.

6. targeted.

Large indoor water park is dedicated water play place, is the exclusive entertainment, it is targeted particularly strong. All the equipment and location display, decoration, style, design facilities and other places have character fit customer needs and aesthetic play environment more quality!