Miniaturization of water parks

The scorching summer of 2018 is coming again. Summer is the time when the water park welcomes guests and attracts money. It is the time when the water park cannot be missed. How to detonate the market and attract more tourists in a limited time?

From the perspective of the park, a water park that is popular with tourists must conform to the actual conditions of the project and meet the characteristics of market demand, and its appearance and content can withstand the test of the market. Many people think that the water park industry has a low threshold and that it can get an ideal return on investment if you do it. This is obviously impractical and difficult to operate for a long time. The so-called sharpening of knives and not cutting firewood by mistake, the first step for a water park to operate smoothly is to grasp the market characteristics from the beginning, grasp the project’s “scientific, creative, forward-looking, and practical”, and make creative planning and reasonable planning. Equipment selection is finalized, and the park is scientifically prepared. If a water park is just a pile of equipment and construction, it will be eliminated by market competition sooner or later. This is what investors who really want to do well in water parks should be vigilant.

Now there are many small and medium-sized children’s water parks and children’s amusement parks in the market. Their positioning is relatively low. They are mainly positioned at the bottom end of the market so that more children can find safe water fun in the water park. Tickets are positioned between 20 and 50 yuan. Of course, investors who invest in small and medium-sized water parks will choose some fun and playable, safe and reliable children’s water games and children’s combined slides when choosing water park equipment. These water parks are generally on indoor and outdoor venues ranging from 4000 square meters to 500 square meters. Create a water park that can be consumed by most ordinary consumers.