What are the misunderstandings in the investment of water amusement facilities in water parks?

What are the misunderstandings in the investment of water amusement facilities in water parks?

Guangzhou lanchao water park quipment co., ltd. Analyzes what are the misunderstandings in the investment of water amusement facilities in the water park ?

1. Avoid blindly pursuing grades and ignoring repeated consumption.

Investors must not blindly pursue loftiness and ignore the relevant consumption index of the location, such as population status and consumption level. It is also based on the actual local conditions to select site, water amusement equipment, land area and investment. scale, medium and small water park some consumer groups are mainly local people, local people if a family of three to eliminate charges once all the pressure, without the repeated consumption of the locals, even the best water park project, is also a matter of closing .

2. Avoid blindly seeking big, difficult to make a profit.

As the saying goes: the boat is good for turning around. After the explosive growth of china’s water parks over the past few years, some places are already saturated, and the market competition is under great pressure. If you are interested in investing in water parks, it is recommended to consider medium and small water parks based on local conditions. , control the scale of investment in 2000-5000 million (recommended for reference only, must not be applied mechanically, the wind market risk, be careful investment).

3. Avoid imitation is not pragmatic, blindly burn.

Water park investment is actually one less investment and quick, short payback period of the project, the water park on the real season so a few months, some investors are willing to spend large sums of money to do landscape packaging, if it is a state-owned enterprise or a large group, there is nothing wrong with it, except that there is really no need to burn money on it. No wonder the water park business these points, the price of a ticket, two security full three playable project to allow customers happy, clean and sanitary good four or five green environment. With these 5 points, the business is basically not bad. Changlong Water Park theme packaging is very general, but open industry ten years, there’s green coverage rate is very high, the whole park clean, guests can feel very comfortable inside environment. Now many investors, I am quick to term projects What is the biggest, what first, this blind burn it is not necessary.

4.Avoid following the trend and invest carefully in.

Water parks. There are many investments in the following situations:

1. Follow the trend of investment: a few people see which water park has a good business, and once the accounts are settled, the first thing they see is how much money they make, but ignore a water park project management, is not to spend money to buy water rides so simple to make money, or to pay “tuition” of.

2. Started in a hurry: The water park that started in a hurry and opened has inevitably hidden a lot of hidden dangers, and the operation and management could not keep up. As a result, it was criticized as soon as it opened. Can this make money?

3. Coveting the cheap: the core facilities of the water park It is the device, and therefore when selecting water play equipment, not just freeloaders, while ignoring the product quality, to know the device a problem is to be an accident. To invest and operate a water park, not only should quality be the top priority in the selection of equipment at the initial stage of investment, comprehensive consideration should be given to the quality of the equipment. At the same time, during the operation process, it should not be careless. It must have a management system of continuous inspection and maintenance. The rides are waiting for the simple matter of counting money.

Fifth, avoid the wrong positioning of consumers, leading to difficult business operations.

Medium and small water park business, basically to locals lord, surrounding two consumer groups within an hour’s drive range to consumers within an hour’s drive of the main exhibition open marketing promotion. If the positioning of the consumer group is not accurate, it will lead to blind promotion and marketing. The definition of consumers is too wide, which will only increase the investment cost indefinitely. High input and low output. When will the cost be paid back?