Two major international tricks, teach you to effectively increase the profit growth of the water park!

Two major international tricks, teach you to effectively increase the profit growth of the water park!

      For investors and operators of water parks, one of the most concerned issues is undoubtedly how to more effectively increase revenue and recover investment. When we are still concerns such as how to improve the park tickets this major source of income when the international water park pioneer has already started digging other revenue growth, investors avoid the pit, by sleight of hand allows operators to enter the park good and healthy financial cycle.

      One point of profit growth that has been ignored by us is the catering in the park. This is a blue ocean of potential consumption, but it is also a virgin land that has not yet been developed. Failure to pay attention to the quality of the park’s catering and services often causes many parks to inadvertently lose a large amount of potential revenue. In fact, customers often come to the park with a ready consumer psychology, but did not have good food and beverage products, but reduces the willingness of their consumption. There is a huge difference in revenue capability between high-quality and low-quality catering products.

  A research report by profitable food, a famous american water park catering revenue increase expert, pointed out: food and beverage revenue can account for up to 35% of the total profit of the water park , and the food in the water park is often not the focus of the operators. Its quality is not high and its technical content is not high. low, food is not fresh, a limited staff of professional services, purchasing and dining are needed to be placed in long lines and other features are also common industry. Parks that do not pay attention to the design and operation of catering projects often have to pay a heavy price for this in the later operation. In order to transform the unreasonable design and improve the quality, it often requires a lot of money.

  In fact, every catering project in the water park has the potential to create millions of dollars in profits, but to tap these potentials, the following challenges need to be overcome: reasonable planning and layout of the catering business in the design stage ; improving catering products and services quality; to create a highly recognizable catering brand in line with the theme of the park. Good food makes the index finger move, and bad food makes people lose their interest. Consumers who come to the park are more willing to pay for fresh and delicious food with good service. When we are distressed by the stagnant revenue of the park , we might as well take a look at the financial statements to see if there is any profit that can be tapped in the catering?Another point of profit growth that is easily overlooked by us is the auxiliary products of the water park and the wider range of secondary consumption. Auxiliary products, such as lounge chairs in the rest area, are a more important part of the park’s ancillary facilities, but if it is to be said that it is also closely related to profit growth, I am afraid that many people will find it difficult to believe. Increasing emphasis on leisure tourists experience this day, supporting high-quality products undoubtedly improve customer satisfaction, customer base and enhance the park back to stimulate revenue side has a pivotal position.

  We are not unfamiliar with the term secondary consumption. However, the one-vote system for water parks determines that the contribution of secondary consumption to revenue is destined to be very limited. Many water park operators are also struggling to find good secondary products.

  In recent years, the north american market in addition to classic american crazy water fight water wars swimming interactive products represent continue to be favorable for foreign tourists, some of the strange new products into the people’s vision to become a water park to stimulate the secondary consumer Highlights. For example, the magic floating pillow nekdoodle, on the basis of the traditional floating ring, has added versatility, stylish shape, and portability that subvert the traditional features, completely changing the floating experience in the water and quickly becoming the darling of many european and american water park tourists. Sweakers is a new type of wearable product. The product is a lightweight non-slip socks made of new materials. It provides a full range of protection for users, especially children when playing in the water park, and prevents children from slipping on slippery ground. Inverted, it can also prevent the soles of the feet from being scratched. At the same time, this product can also replace traditional slippers and enhance the amusement experience.

 China’s water park industry is gradually bidding farewell to the rapid development period of barbaric growth. The market no longer pursues quantity but pursues quality. As consumers’ demand for water amusement equipment experience continues to increase, the concepts of parent-child interaction and light water play are gradually gaining popularity. The ticket economy of water parks is about to go down the stage of history, and park investors and operators must also get rid of tickets as the main source of income depends on income, the development of more other revenue growth points can make the park’s various incomes fully blossom and become a successful project.