Big horn is loved as a classic water amusement facility

The rainy days that started a few days ago have finally calmed down, but the temperature has gradually risen. Do you feel that sitting at home is boring and too hot? Is not that a little less want to wear more cool fast is it? The water park is definitely the best choice, don’t hesitate, the season for playing in the water has arrived!

Water amusement facilities -big speakers, as a classic equipment in water parks, have always been loved by water lovers. Swinging and sliding around in the big horn, feeling the momentary weightlessness,and releasing laughterin thespeed and thrills, this exciting challenge is even more memorable for those who come to the water park for the first time. The classic equipment is naturally indispensable with a variety of classic productdesigns and experiences, and it is these designs that give everyone an extraordinary ride experience. 

The huge horn body has a strong visual impact, and the twisted and hovering closed slide is connected to a huge open horn mouth, which is integrated into the natural jungle and rocks, making it more domineering. Starting from a platform tens of meters high, with the huge waves swaying from side to side in the dark pipes, it quickly enters the huge bell mouth in the whirlpool, and at the same time experience the double taste of imbalance and weightlessness , cheering in the speed and passion, which is loved by people one of the water amusement facilities.