Principles of water park design

For a water park, water is the most important carrier. Many tourist facilities and equipment are built on water . In terms of water park design , the following points should be paid attention to:

1. From the perspective of tourist safety, every summer The water park is full in July, August, and September, which is the peak period for tourists and is prone to accidents. Therefore, the rescue channel is an important factor that must be considered when designing the water park.

2. From the perspective of the planning ratio, the facility area should be separated from the leisure area, and the planning ratio should be more reasonable. Due to land restrictions , many large water parks are out of proportion, and too many water amusement facilities are crowded together. Among them, the wave pools are located in the middle of the park and are the place where the largest passenger flow gathers. Its investment and operation and maintenance costs are also high. It is a passionate world for young people and couples . The children’s pool is also called the family fun pool. It is for adults and children to play. It has a small investment and low operation and maintenance costs . Sufficient space should be set up.

3. From the perspective of service implementation in the scenic spot, regarding the details of the design of the water park facilities, the necessary showers in the water park can be open, without doors and curtains, which can save space and scenic resources during peak tourist periods. Shops can build a few more appropriate, sub Bufan Wai Kwong also convenient for tourists to buy, but at the same time should also take into account the management problems, not water pollution scenic.

4. From the perspective of the design of landscape details, there must be a commanding height , setting the commanding height of the scenic spot , and commanding the whole park, while allowing visitors to experience the fun of climbing high and looking into the distance and seeing the panoramic view of the scenic spot. In addition, the rafting river is an indispensable element of the water park . When designing, pay attention to the jungle atmosphere, the water quality must be clear, the setting of the river is reasonable, and the flow rate should be controlled.

When designing a water park, it can also be integrated with surrounding hotels, shopping centers, high-end residential areas and other tourism resources, which can greatly promote the development of tourism in a region.

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