Advantages of FRP Water Slide

Advantages of FRP Water Slide

Frp slide performance 1: The difference in corrosion resistance

resin gives FRP different corrosion resistance, so that it can be used for a long time in the corrosive environment of gas and liquid media with different acids, alkalis, salts, and organic solvents.

Frp slide performance 2: flame retardant

high-quality resin and flame retardant additives give the product excellent flame retardant performance. Generally, the oxygen index of flame retardant products is greater than 26, the flame diffusion coefficient is less than 25, and the smoke density is less than 500.

Frp slide performance 3: The perfect combination of lightweight and high-strength

alkali-free glass fiber yarn and resin gives the product unique light-weight and high-strength characteristics. The specific gravity of the product is one-fourth of that of steel, and it is suitable for various load-bearing structures in corrosive environments.

Frp slide performance 4: The anti-aging

product is made of high-quality matrix resin and anti-aging additives, so that the product has long-lasting anti-aging performance, can maintain long-term gloss and continuous high strength, and the service life is more than 20 years.

Frp slide performance 5: designability

In addition to the flexible design performance of FRP, the color of the product can be customized according to customer requirements, and the shape and size can also be cut and spliced to the size required by the customer.

Frp slide Properties 6: Safety slip

high elastic modulus and different surface effects of the grid having non-slip properties, slightly elastic to reduce the tiredness of staff, biplane, meniscus, sand surface, diamond cover different surface to provide not different Anti-slip performance in use occasions.

Glass fiber reinforced plastic slide performance 7:

glass fiber and high-performance resin endow the product with superior electrical properties, the product’s penetration strength can reach 10kv/mm, and metal tools have no electricity or sparks when resisting; the product is non-magnetic and can be used safely in electromagnetic anti-explosive environments .