Water park planning considerations

Water park planning considerations

When planning and designing a water park , we must pay attention to the rationality of the plan, make full use of the land, and choose equipment reasonably in accordance with the local conditions. China has a large population and high density. The population per unit area can be several times higher than that of European, American and Southeast Asian countries. Such living and geographical conditions are suitable for the water park industry, because the area occupied by tourists playing in the water park is limited, so the water park area can be fully utilized, and if the playing time is long, it can be a tourist Low consumption, and operators have higher income. Then Guangzhou Lanchao Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd. will analyze the considerations for planning and design of the water park.

1. Pay attention to the harmony and coordination with the theme environment, including the cultural environment and the ecological environment. It embodies its own unique insights, incorporates architectural landscape and water landscape elements, and reflects the theme and style in details through artistic packaging that is elegant and comfortable.

2. The theme must be clear, and the nature and theme of the water park planning project should not be blindly followed. When consumers go to the water park, what they want is personal experience and personal experience. If they are not very clear about what kind of water park they want to be, they can consult the blue tide water park equipment manufacturer. We can give you some suggestions based on past experience. Reasonable suggestion.

3. Clear functions, clear division of labor in functional areas, not only scientific and environmental protection, but also the step-by-step implementation of functional areas, not only allows tourists to devote themselves and intoxicated, but also attract more tourists to come to experience.

4. The project setting should be unique and novel, research and analyze the needs and feelings of consumer groups, set up unique and novel facilities and multi-functional entertainment projects, have their own bright spots and unique features in the same industry, enhance business competitiveness, and allow tourists Feel the joy of playing in the water in all directions.