Several requirements for water park operation and management

As we all know, due to the short construction period, fast return of funds, and high return on investment, water parks continue to be the current hot spot for investment and are favoured by investors. Especially in recent years, the investment boom in water parks has been extremely hot, showing a blowout development.

However, behind the popularity are hardships. Supporting the healthy preparation and good operation of the water park requires a professional team and technical level. Unlike general construction projects, the preparation and operation management of water parks involves site selection, planning, planning and design, and water parks. Equipment selection, engineering construction, safety management, water quality management, preparation before opening of the park, opening operation management and other aspects are a complicated system.

Below, I mainly talk about the requirements of water park operation and management:

1. Investment and operation.

The key to the investment and operation of water parks is the allocation of talents. It is not only the selection of water park equipment, but also the efficient and precise operation management team in the factors that affect the profit and loss of the project. This is the most basic and most important. Therefore, attracting talents, finding suitable management talents, and making operations more detailed is the key to ensuring the operation of the water park.

2. Market analysis.

Refined market analysis is an important means for water parks to make profits. For example, the construction of the second phase of Maya Beach in Shanghai was selected based entirely on market research. Specially hire a company to do market research, and what kind of project the market needs is completely implemented according to the market orientation.

3. Operational standards.

The operation of safety standards is related to the operation of the entire water park. Every behaviour in operation has certain norms and requirements, and every employee should abide by this norm, so as to make the basic operation of the water park more standardised.

4. Safety Management.

Safety is an eternal factor that cannot be ignored in the water park. Accidental injuries in water parks are much higher than those in land parks. There are a large number of bruises, bruises and knocks every day, and the management should have a deep understanding of it. If tourists are hurt while looking for joy, the experience is very poor. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a safety management system for water parks, establish a business philosophy that safety is greater than the sky, innovate safety management, innovate in safety management methods, and make the management of water parks more stringent, standardised and refined.

5. Water quality management.

The foundation of a water park is water. The safety of the water body is related to the operation of the water park, and it is also related to the physical and mental health of tourists. Therefore, it is necessary to improve water quality and ensure water quality and safety. Regulatory departments are very strict in monitoring water quality, so everyone should pay attention to the safety of water quality, and the focus should not only be on water amusement equipment.

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