New type of water park equipment-glass drifting slide

New type of water park equipment-glass drifting slide

New type of water park equipment -glass drifting slide

Holding the slide rails on both sides with both hands, pressing both sides of the slide wall with both feet, leaning forward to control the speed, and screaming down the glass slide. At the same time, you can see the scenery under you through the glass, as if you are walking on the cliff without support, like a gecko, more like a knight, using two ears to generate wind and speed down to describe it, not at all. For too much.

The total length of the pure glass slide in the dayudu scenic area is more than 500 meters, with a drop of 100 meters. It integrates extreme high altitude challenges, leisure and entertainment, and transportation. It is a unique tourism and leisure project. The project has a 60-meter-long high-altitude glass bridge and the largest glass viewing platform of 420 square meters in Shanxi Province. Standing on it, you can have a panoramic view of the scenic spot.

1.The drop difference on the glass slide is 100 meters. It is currently the longest in the world.

This slide is 1,260 meters in length, all made of tempered glass. The horizontal distance between the upper and lower stations is 780 meters, and the drop is 100 meters. It is the longest in the world. In order to digest this With a 100-meter drop, we designed 5 360-degree giant slalom and a 20-meter time tunnel. When it’s more unique, it’s a place like Huaxi Valley, drifting in the oxygen bar, and the second is drifting in the sea of flowers. Many tourists have come and said that you drifting over the oxygen bar floats the sea of flowers, drifting out of the most exciting life. “

2.The glass slide subverts the ordinary drifting concept.

From a distance, the blue and white glass slide is like a dragon entrenched in the central peaks of the scenic spot, passing through the mountains and jungles, passing through the valley of flowers, passing through the time tunnel, experience Exciting, unparalleled, it can be said to be a magical short-lived glass drift. The general drifting project speed is relatively slow, it is fast and dangerous, and there are stones everywhere. We have done that drifting, one side and another, sometimes, sometimes The boat was accidentally overturned, and our glass slide is drifting in a slide, and the speed is relatively fast. After these several turns, it is different from the usual straight drifting. It is very exciting and subverts the drifting. Concept.”

 3.The glass slide is open, and the number of tourists in a single day exceeds one thousand. 

The huaxi valley is located in the deep mountainous area of taihang 110 kilometers northwest of shijiazhuang, 800-2150 meters above sea level, adjacent to wuyuezhai national forest park, with a total area of 20 square kilometers, and wuyuezhai. The main peaks are connected. The valley is blessed with natural resources such as forests, mountain springs, grasslands, and gardens. Since the opening of the park in july 2015, the annual number of tourists has reached 780,000. After the opening of this glass slide, the ticket price is 80 yuan per person during the trial operation period. This rafting is very attractive to tourists and enhances the popularity of the scenic spot. The maximum number of drifters in a single day reaches 3,000.