Atlantis is grandly opened. What are the water slides that are worth playing?

The Sanya Atlantis Resort has had a grand opening, and its Sanya Water World Adventure Park is now officially open to the public. Visitors can enter the park 360 days a year. The park spans an area of 200,000 square metres and boasts a number of water slides, offering guests a variety of unique sliding experiences. This water world adventure park, covering 200,000 square metres, was unveiled in Atlantis, Sanya, China, on April 28, 2018.

One of the most thrilling water slides is the “Super Large Water Ring,” which only the brave dare to try. The slide’s total length exceeds 100 metres, with descender points reaching up to 80 metres. Riders will experience constant tension and twists as they navigate the slide’s corners. Another eye-catching slide is the “Torrent Over Mountain Car,” which uses hydrodynamic injection technology. A 4-seater raft can swiftly glide from the bottom to the top of the slide chute. This slide is set to become the most popular attraction in the water world adventure park. With a daily capacity of 1,000 people, it promises to deliver an amazing performance for the park and become a must-play slide for tourists. The world’s first hybrid Behemoth Bowl slides and Big Horn combination, known as the Cyclone, has an expected passenger capacity of up to 720 people per hour, offering visitors an unprecedented extraordinary sensory experience.

Sanya Atlantis attracts thousands of tourists not only with its thrilling water projects for adults but also with its custom body Water Kingdom for younger guests. Children of all ages can enjoy playing with water slides. Their curiosity is piqued as they glide past lovely fish, dilapidated wrecks, and discover Atlantis’s lost treasure, enhancing their exploration of ocean mysteries and providing hours of smooth play.

In addition to the thrilling water slides and the laughter-filled Water Kingdom for parent-child interactions, tourists should not miss the comfortable and romantic “Relaxation Play Area.” This area features a 450-metre private beach, known for its golden sands, long coastline, and exciting waves. It attracts many visitors to the coast, where they can swim and play with friendly dolphins in Dolphin Bay. Visitors can also explore the “Lost Space” water aquarium, offering an extreme underwater world experience.

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