Water park equipment water slide equipment competition

Water park equipment water slide equipment competition

Water parks are very popular entertainment and leisure places in big cities. Summer is relatively hot, and water parks can just bring people cool, and water slides are very popular in water parks, so what are the water slides? What about different types? Today, I will learn about some water slides with you, so that you can use it for entertainment in the future.


The water park equipment mainly includes wide-body water slides, giant beast bowl slides, big horn slides, double cupolas gyrating slides, large spiral slides, family small cupolas gyrating slides, rainbow competition slides, water dragon slides, large loop slides, high-speed combined slides, Enclosed spiral slide, U-shaped wave pendulum slide, barrel sled slide.
There are several main types of water slides.


Among them are the big typhon slides. They slide from the 16-meter platform starting point. They fly into the huge horn-shaped slide, like being sucked in by a tornado, giving people a feeling of weightlessness. The physical examination during rapid skating is like gliding in the wind. It is especially suitable for visitors who like to experience excitement and novelty. This product has four specifications, which are suitable for adults and children amusement. It is a must-chosen water park equipment item for large water parks.


The boomerango slide, descending from the entrance of the 13-meter-high platform, after passing through a spiral approach path, it dives down like a spaceship. After passing the lowest point, with huge inertia, it rushes to the opposite climbing skateboard and quickly climbs to it. At the highest point, you can experience the thrill of “shooting into the sky”; when you are shocked, you will quickly fall back under the action of your own gravity, enter the recovery chute, and slide into the falling pool through a semicircle again, and experience the dizziness of “spinning”. It is one of the most popular facilities in the water park.


The rainbow competition slide is also a very classic type of water park amusement water slide. It can be designed in multiple ways, usually 3~10, which can be slid on the body or on a floating mat. Participants can start to compete at the same time. A series of exciting small slopes will be designed in the middle of the slide. Participants will pass them one by one and finally rush to the finish line. The equipment is very interactive and interactive, and at the same time has a strong reception ability, allowing visitors to participate in the game many times, and obtain a unique experience of joy and invigoration. The height of the slide can be from a few meters to tens of meters. The commonly used slide has an inner width of 0.6 meters, and multiple combinations are used. 


The high-speed slide is the slide with the highest height, the steepest slope, the fastest speed and the loudest scream. Speed down, thoroughly experience the joy of free fall, so that every pore of the player’s body is filled with crazy unforgettable tension and stimulation. After descending to the bottom end, the ingenious design allows visitors to slow down and glide safely in the chute, and finally rush to the finish area. Exciting means reaching five stars, which brings excitement to visitors and bystanders. The crazy screams bring joy and excitement to the entire water park, causing more tourists who like to challenge the extreme excitement to experience the first experience. It is tourists. The focal topic to discuss and recall after playing. The high-speed slide is also one of the most classic and indispensable water park equipment in the water park. In addition, it can also be designed as a combination of variable-slope high-speed slides, allowing visitors to experience different speeds in the thrill. 


Water park slides are derived from human understanding and perception of life. Life lies in sports, and sports bring the joy of life. First of all, safety is always the first priority. As a special facility, it must be certified by the national competent authority. Level acceptance and sub-testing can be put into operation. Secondly, the sensory stimulation must be extraordinary, able to experience fun that is not available in ordinary play; the amusement experience must be diverse and must be suitable for the needs of all kinds of people. The amusement project should be updated with the times and constantly innovated. There are periodic project updates and upgrades.