The impact of the “booming” development of water parks

The impact of the "booming" development of water parks

Waterpark really formed from the large-scale development began in 2007, changlong group in the construction of the guangzhou panyu chime-long water park, the first phase of the water park area reached 180,000 square meters, 2013 older long water park into the garden With a population of 2.17 million, it is the water park with the largest number of visitors in the world and the average number of visitors per day. Brilliant performance let the world attention on the long long water park, but also to investors eager for the market, its success transport battalion set off another climax of chinese water recreation industry.

All investors are optimistic about the market and they are also challenged and beyond, hoping to build a water park with a larger area and more complete water park equipment . Correspondingly, it will be more abundant. Return. But after years of development, no water park can surpass changlong. To build a water park, not only the long-long, no matter sorted out long-long competition, because with a long-long independence day in the thick of the geographical location advantages, it is not only an excellent operations team, its location will be decided Very high economic benefits.

Domestic investment in the construction of water parks is getting larger and more intensive, and the phenomenon of homogeneity and duplication is getting more and more serious. Many investors are willing to pay big bucks to buy imported water rides, but for preliminary planning and design, facilities, water will not attach great importance to the work of processing, such as the construction process, built after leaving too many regrets place. The construction of a water park must be based on local geographic location, transportation, climate, people’s income, consumption level, hobbies and other factors. It cannot be simply imitated. At the same time, the supporting facilities must be perfect to achieve better economic benefits.

In addition, safety is what everyone has been emphasizing. If the water park is operated slightly, there will be some safety problems. Once there is an accident, the body will suffer from abrasions or bruises, and in the worst case, it will take life. For a water park, this may bring a devastating and painful price.