Key points of water park construction

Key points of water park construction

Every summer, listening to the cicadas out the window cicadas, people especially eager to cool, then, we have invited new friends frantically poured water park, to the water being operated by the park brought huge benefits that others Investors set their sights on the water park. Guangzhou Blue Tide Water Park equipment manufacturers remind investors not to invest blindly, to see the situation clearly, understand the purpose of investment, understand the scale of the project and the characteristics of the investment area before making a decision.

1. Everyone wants to make a profit, but many investors are unwilling to spend more money. They simply ask some design units or water amusement equipment manufacturers to do some rough feasibility analysis. Without detailed planning, it is often the late stage of the water park. planning the construction of hidden dangers, so we remind the major investors in investment in water park built buildingBefore you can ask a professional company to build water park planning and design, be sure to do market research, make a cut with the profitability of the feasibility of the project real judgment.

2. After passing market research, the project should be positioned, that is to say, the target group of the project, the size of the park and the type of theme must be determined, and then the maximum reception capacity of the water park must be implemented , and then the type and quantity of water amusement equipment must be determined. Achieve reasonable planning and effective collocation, thereby reducing unnecessary waste.


3. When purchasing water amusement equipment, you must choose a suitable manufacturer. To understand a company, first look at its technical level. The safety of water amusement equipment is the main factor. Secondly, it depends on its production process and company scale. The key point is to visit its actual engineering case, communicate directly with users, understand the use of the product and after-sales service, when visiting the site, not only pay attention to its appearance quality, but also personally experience it.

4. Before the opening of the water park, sufficient construction time must be reserved. Don’t be too hasty. Make sure that all work is normal before the official opening, otherwise it will bring a lot of trouble to the operation of the water park.