Water park operation and management: how to enhance the attractiveness of water parks?

Water park operation and management: how to enhance the attractiveness of water parks?

The attractiveness of the water park is directly related to the passenger flow of the water park, and finally to the profitability of our water park operations . Investment operators all know that under the current investment management model, the passenger flow of water parks will drop relatively quickly in the first or two years. This is also a major problem in investment and operation of water parks. Some water parks maintain or increase the attraction of the park by adding equipment every two or three years. The sustainability of this model is not ideal, because the pressure on returns will naturally increase if investment is to be increased. In addition, it is also restricted by factors such as the land of the park.

From the perspective of tourists, let’s see what the water park should do. If I were a tourist, what characteristics should a (excellent) water park have?

First of all, the water park should make me feel that it was made for me, that is, the product and the market have to be aligned. If any product is not in line with the market, it cannot be attractive. Theme parks, water parks, and markets in different parts of the country are different. For example, in east china and chengdu-chongqing areas, the proportion of family outings is relatively high. From the current point of view, there is a trend in china’s theme parks: all the plans, the first plan is basically done by equipment suppliers. The equipment supplier will launch a plan for you from the perspective of maximizing their own interests, so that he is willing to recommend any large-scale plan. Because the selling price is relatively high, the business transaction volume is relatively large. These large-scale equipment are specifically targeted at the crowd, and the occupied space and the proportion of recreational activities are quite different from those of land parks. If the market is not fully researched, the attraction of this park will only be mediocre.

Secondly, after I went, there should be no unhappy things. This is a basic requirement. It is not uncomfortable for tourists to spend money, so safety management is particularly important. Everyone pays close attention to major safety issues, such as equipment safety issues and drowning issues. But for theme parks, accidental injuries are the most uncomfortable but common occurrence.

In addition to avoiding unhappiness, I have to meet my basic needs. Let the tourists have enough and have fun. Most of the water parks in china are open during the peak season. What is the concept of having enough fun in the peak season? A person usually has to play seven to eight events to be satisfied. Can you satisfy me? The reception volume and reception efficiency of the water park are fixed. In this case, how to make tourists happy and reach the threshold of their satisfaction?

Fourth, to exceed the psychological expectations of tourists. We must create an atmosphere in the experience, in addition to meeting the needs of tourists for entertainment with functional equipment, but also to meet their needs in the spiritual realm. In this way, we must do better in all aspects of event organization and performance arrangement. Through operational means, various elements are integrated and coordinated. This requires service providers to formulate higher standards in order to meet the requirements.

In addition, attractiveness is also related to consumption. As a tourist, the first thing I consume after entering the park is the consumption of basic services, such as wearing swimsuits, swimming rings, etc.; the second is functional consumption, tourists want to drink when they are thirsty, and eat when they are hungry. We require our commercial distribution and product quality to meet corresponding needs; the third is spiritual consumption, such as organizing and arranging various activities.