Water park equipment manufacturers: how to break the seasonal operating bottleneck of water parks

Water park equipment manufacturers: how to break the seasonal operating bottleneck of water parks

Summer is always particularly long in the south, with the improvement of people’s living standards and material needs of ordinary indoor pool has been unable to meet people’s needs, so the soil around the daxing wood, a lot of water park equipment projects where they stand, water-themed tour Projects are becoming more and more popular. Summer rafting, island, water park …… winter hot springs, can these projects are faced with a huge problem: once over the season, business has become bleak, deserted.

According to statistics, there are not many profitable water parks in the country. Take a water park in dongguan as an example. Although you can see tourists flocking in during the summer vacation, it is open for half a year every year, and ticket sales are increasing, but the profitability is not optimistic. Because obviously limited by season, one year, open for only six months or so, do not open when maintenance is very high care costs, the same problem, the project on the island, spa items and more are common.

In an era when resources are king, idle resources are the biggest cost precipitation and the biggest waste of resources!

So how can water theme projects break through the seasonal bottleneck?

Let’s first analyze in reverse thinking: Can water park amusement projects only operate in summer? Is it really impossible for tourists to enter the water park in winter? The “main theme park cluster” just to solve a problem the public has been confused.

A theme park cluster refers to an economic entity that operates more than 5 theme parks with clear themes, independent and interdependent themes in a certain sufficiently large area or sea space, and is supported by a supporting service system that is reasonably planned and operated simultaneously. In reality, orlando in the united States is the only model in the world, while the domestic guangzhou chimelong Resort, zhuhai haiquan bay resort, and oct east are trends emerging.

Such a cluster of unconventional ideas or traditional financial means may create, it is by far the most optimized investment and operating efficient, large-scale growing fastest, most expansion tension mode, which has the following characteristics:

1. Theme audience universality
Within each cluster theme park theme must be subject to most public generally welcomed, and longing for acceptance, such as advanced mobile amusement facilities, all kinds of rare animals, a water park, while still performing, eco-parks, great to meet modern The demand of the tourism market has met the psychological demands of tourists. This is a prerequisite prerequisite only did the year does not break enough to attract large-scale tourists.

2. Enrich the subject content and make the subject cross the age limit.
This is particularly important in china. one-child and aging make the overall population structure in china special. Only by this can the social influence be broad, word-of-mouth communication is wide, and marketing communication is easy. , long operating time.

3. It can maximize the efficiency of resource use, and operate across seasons throughout the year without off-season
The theme park cluster has enriched water theme projects, jumping out of rafting to create rafting, jumping out of islands to create islands, jumping out of hot springs to create hot springs… Expanding on the original foundation of the project . For example, the most popular rafting river in summer becomes a rafting boat in winter and is used for hunting events. Tourists can sit on the boat and shoot at targets on the shore. In winter involved in this kind of project, it will not get covered with water, a good solution to winter without drifting phenomenon.