Discuss the matters needing attention in water park planning

Discuss the matters needing attention in water park planning

When we plan and design the water park, we first need to pay special attention to the rationality of the plan. Not only need to make full use of the land, but also need to make a reasonable selection of equipment based on the local conditions. Because more of our chinese population is relatively highly intensive, capacity per unit area can be satisfied of the population, higher than in Europe, america and southeast asian countries several times. Therefore, for such living and geographical conditions, it is very suitable for the development of the water park industry , especially because the area occupied by tourists playing in the water park is limited, so the water park area can be fully utilized and the playing time is longer If so, not only can the tourists’ low consumption be achieved, but also the operators can also have a higher income.

1. Pay attention to the harmonious coordination between the theme and the environment, including the human environment and the ecological environment. This will not only reflect the unique insights into the device itself, but also to add water landscape architecture and landscape elements, elegant and comfortable environment through art packaging, in particular, reflect the theme and style among the small office.

2. The theme also needs to be clear, especially the nature and theme of the water park planning project. Consumers also want to go to the water park will be able to personally experience and personal feelings.

3. The division of labor should also be clear in the functional area, because it not only requires science and environmental protection, but also needs to be functionally set up in an orderly manner, so that visitors can devote themselves to it, intoxicated and attracted more Many tourists come to experience.

4. The project setting must have its own unique and novel characteristics, and the designer must also research and analyze the needs and feelings of consumers. Especially when setting up amusement equipment and multi-functional projects, they need to be in the same industry. With its own unique highlights, it will enhance business competitiveness and make tourists feel the joy of playing in the water in all aspects.