Several important issues to be considered in the planning and construction of water parks

Several important issues to be considered in the planning and construction of water parks

In 2016, in China and the world, there are various theme water parks with different cultural backgrounds and different themes. The water parks are still in a stage of steady and rapid development. In China, the investors of water parks are still growing. I have interviewed many friends who invest in water parks or want to invest in water parks for consultation and visits. Most of them have never been in contact with the water park industry, lack investment, construction and operation management experience, and do not know the industry very well. Give some answers to the three most frequently asked questions by friends.

First, how much does it cost to invest in a water park?

Ten million, twenty million or one hundred million. This in itself is an undefined question and cannot be answered exactly. Dear friends want to know how much money a water park needs to invest in. First of all, we need to understand some basic conditions for investors, such as

1) which province, which city or county, town, or town, and whether the locality has the conditions to build a water park;

2) you What is the permanent population of the city or town where the water park project is built, and how much population can be radiated from the surrounding area? In particular, how many people are under the middle-aged and young people, and how much can the daily flow of people reach? What is the local consumption level?

3) Are there similar or similar water parks around the local area? If yes, what is their scale, what are the amusement projects and supporting services, etc.;

4) What is the investor’s own financial strength? Or whether you have your own investment budget.
After understanding the above basic investment conditions, our professional sales staff can make a reasonable investment plan for you. With the investment , the question of how much money is needed to invest in a water park will naturally be solved! In fact, the question of how much money is needed to invest in a water park is not fixed. The investment can be large or small. For example, if your project is built in a certain tier city and there is no similar or relatively large water park in the local area, then you You can consider investing in a large and medium-sized water park, but the one-time capital investment of a large water park is relatively large, and you have limited funds or have your own investment budget, then we can provide you with a phased construction plan, phase 1, phase 2, and phase 3. In the future, this not only solves the funding problem, but also reduces investment risks and expands the scale. It is a good choice for many investors.


Second, what do I need to prepare to invest in a water park?

First of all, you need to do a relatively sufficient market research. The basic conditions mentioned in Question 1 must be understood. For example, go to several representative water parks to investigate and understand. Various projects and supporting service facilities, operating conditions, what geographical location the park is generally built in, the difference between peak and off-season amusement seasons, the daily flow of people during peak periods, etc.; 

secondly, to understand the government’s relevant policies on amusement projects, Strive for the support of the government; next is the construction site. The choice of construction site is very important. The choice of site is generally considered first, traffic, distance from urban or market area, nature of land use, and difficulty of land construction ( Such as flat land, depressions, slopes, hillsides and hills, whether there are high-voltage power facilities in the sky, whether there are national public facilities such as pipelines or optical cables underground, etc.); 

finally consider whether the park to be built is themed, such as children-oriented Yes, comprehensive, with a certain thing or culture as the theme background, such as seaside style as the theme background, Zhuluoji Park as the theme background, and marine life as the background theme. For the preliminary preparations for the equipment construction of Guangzhou Blue Tide Water Park, it is also very important to investigate and understand and choose the builders to cooperate with. There are many background channels for investigating and understanding construction enterprises. For those who have not involved in water park investment, Searching for information about major builders through online search engines is a relatively common and convenient way. For water park builders, the Internet is just a promotion platform. 

We hope to use such a platform to provide various information about our companies. Push it out. I don’t want customers and friends to judge the good or bad of a company only through the publicity on the Internet. I sincerely hope that my friends will take time out of their busy schedule to visit the company for on-site inspections, so that they can truly understand the true strength, background and reputation of a company. 


Third, how long does the construction period of the water park take?


 1. Preliminary preparations for Blue Tide

to submit a feasibility report to the relevant local government departments, to apply for project approval and to identify the construction site; the selection of a partner for the project is very important. 

The editor gives the following suggestions:

A .Does the company have relevant qualifications required by the state (for example, special equipment manufacturing, installation and maintenance certificates, international quality certification system certificates, etc.)

B. It is best for enterprises to do this by integrating planning and design, investment planning, equipment manufacturing, installation and maintenance and other integrated services. This can save a lot of time, energy and human resources, and can also save a lot of construction costs and avoid construction Between the links, due to the communication problems caused by different units sharing the construction or the construction schedule and other problems, the schedule delay or the responsibility for the problem, etc.; C. On-site inspection to understand the scale, strength and management reputation of the cooperative unit (enterprise). Sign a joint contract with the construction unit.



2. The construction period of the Blue Tide construction cycle

Project does not take into account the time required for the investor’s relevant approval procedures. In half of the cases, civil construction and equipment production are carried out at the same time. It takes about 180 days from construction to equipment installation, but 180 days is In the construction cycle under the condition that all the work can be carried out smoothly as scheduled, the current editor I will talk about my personal views based on the recent development of the entire water park industry. Actually, I will analyze it according to the current industry situation and compare the construction It usually takes 8-12 months for a complete water park from planning to completion of project construction. 12 months is appropriate. 

The reasons are as follows:

1. At present, we call the water park a sunrise industry, which is undergoing rapid development. The construction of water park projects across the country and even around the world has sprung up like mushrooms after the rain, putting great pressure on water park construction companies, and construction investment services are in short supply;

2. Based on the first reason, major construction companies The orders are basically super-saturated, so every builder is facing multiple investors’ projects at the same time, which disperses a large part of manpower, material resources and time, including equipment production and delivery time;

3. In the industry There are not many companies that are truly qualified, capable, experienced and professional. As far as I know, there are dozens of companies including Daxin. The others are based on operating equipment or planning and design, or project development and construction. The main intermediary service company lacks the necessary qualification certificates. 

4. The projects undertaken by related industries also need companies with qualification certificates to cooperate, such as real estate companies, tourism development companies, landscape design companies, engineering construction units, and peers Trading company and so on.
5. It is also necessary to consider whether the investor’s various approval procedures can be successfully approved. It is normal for many projects to delay time in the approval process.

In order to ensure the smooth operation and legal operation of the water park, the relevant person in charge of the water park needs to apply for various certificates and licenses to the relevant competent unit or approval unit.

For the name of the certificate, the competent authority for examination and approval is as follows:
1. Land use certificate. (Land Resources Bureau)
2. Approval for the establishment of the water park project. (Development and Reform Commission)
3. Project planning. (Planning Bureau)
4. Construction permit. (Urban Construction Bureau)
5. Qualification certificate of design unit.
6. Qualification certificate of construction unit.
7. Qualification certificate of supervision unit. (Civil construction foundation acceptance report)
8. Water park amusement equipment safety certificate, (Guangdong Special Equipment Testing Center, equipment company is responsible)
9. Fire safety license. (Fire department)
10. Hygiene license for public swimming places (indicating that it is also engaged in food and beverages) (Municipal Center for Disease Control)
11. Environmental pollution discharge approval certificate. (Environmental Protection Bureau)
12. Business License (Industrial and Commercial Bureau)
13. Tax Registration Permit. (Inland Revenue Department)