The development direction of parent-child interactive water park is clear

The development direction of parent-child interactive water park is clear

    According to Analysys think tank study shows that in 2015 the overall market size parenting industry has exceeded 2 trillion yuan, 2018 paternity industry market size is expected to exceed Wanyi 3 million. Last year, a leading brand in the domestic parent-child travel market officially released a parent-child travel white paper, which listed a series of parameters and indicators on parent-child travel in its “white Paper” , and pointed out that children aged 6-10 travel most frequently, accounting for The ratio is 46.2%. The children of different ages travel the contents of all ages experience are slightly different, such as 5-6-year-olds at in curiosity stage, travel a few days to 2-3 days based, experience content by hand diy, parent-child interaction, as the natural sightseeing Mainly; children aged 7-9 focus on natural science popularization, nature classrooms , outdoor sports, winter and summer camps, etc.

  According to the “white paper”, the parent-child travel market has experienced explosive growth in recent years. It is estimated that by the end of 2018, china’s parent-child users will reach 286 million, and the market size will reach 50 billion. At the same time, IP, entertainment, theming, and technology have also become the development direction of parent-child products in the context of consumption upgrades. The parent-child vacation experience of “ playing in small amounts, learning in playing, having fun in a big way , and enjoying in fun” will be more favored by parent-child families.

 At the same time, compared to other markets, parent-child travel must take into account the multiple functions of adult vacations and children’s travel, parent-child entertainment and children’s education, so higher requirements are placed on corporate operation capabilities . In recent years, major domestic otas and vertical platforms have launched parent-child travel brands one after another, and the market has shown a pattern of blooming flowers. It can be seen that, whether it is an investor who intends to invest in a water park or a water park operation and management operator, they should vigorously explore such a market trend and strive to cater to it. Such a market firmly grasp the field of dividend cake.

  1. According to the white paper above show us on parent-child theme water park design should be based on age children design different parenting content of the water park located equipment, packaging and other themes to attract the attention of children, to maximize meet children of different ages duan’s various psychological requirements and expectations for the water park!

  2.Pay attention to parent-child education, as stated in the “White Paper”, to achieve “play for small, learn, have fun, and have fun. The realm of “enjoy”. Let the whole family court both adults and children have harvested!

  3.Water park equipment technology-driven. The technologicalization of water park equipment should be combined with various technologies in the current society, such as novel animation and artificial intelligence. Do not say to a parent-child play is what gun water cannons water slide third kind! But should be combined with the current popularity of various elements introduced new products for children playing in the water. Therefore, for the water park located equipment requirements are also higher product updates!

  4. Some small and medium sized water park, the park is limited to play the project, can not, as long as long water park all year to play new tricks to add new equipment. You can only work hard on the marketing of the water park to create new highlights, otherwise the already “informed” tourists will definitely not buy it. For example, it is a good choice to hold some competitions, activities, and perform some performances on a regular basis .